Maman Chic Boutique – Maternity Shop, Aylmer

Maman Chic Boutique, Aylmer This past weekend, I went to visit the maternity shop in Aylmer, Maman Chic Boutique. I had the opportunity to browse the beautiful products, get to know the owner Sarah Hampel, and ask her a few questions about her store. One of

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The Little Black Dress of Life

What’s your ‘Little Black Dress’? When I was an undergrad, one of my roomates nicknamed me “Stuffanie“. Yup, you guessed it; because I had a ton of stuff. Ha. ha. Most of it was school supplies, clothes, but a lot of it really was just ‘stuff’. Actually, I still

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Newborn Baby Jacob – 7 days new

Little baby Jacob came to visit us at the portrait studio for his newborn photography session at 1 week new, 7 days to be exact. He was quite the sleeper once he put his mind to it, and isn’t that little teddy bear bonnet just the cutest! Mom brought it

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Holiday Photo Props Guide for Baby Photographers

A Baby Photographer’s Guide to Holiday Photo Props The Christmas holidays are still two months away, but in photography time the holiday shopping is NOW! The time to be ordering gorgeous holiday photo props has already begun, in fact it’s almost over! These are by far

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Ottawa Fabric Stores – Ecoequitable Inc.

Ecoequitable Inc. Ottawa Fabric Stores – MacArthur / Vanier Continuing our adventure to discover all of the great Ottawa fabric secrets… Ecoequitable Inc. is a tiny but mighty fabric store located in Ottawa, in the quaint little neighborhood of Vanier near St. Laurent Blvd. They offer a modest yet

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Ottawa Fabric Stores – C&M Textiles

C&M Textiles Ottawa Fabric Stores – Emerald Plaza / Nepean As part of our adventure to discover all of the great Ottawa fabric secrets, C&M Textiles was on our shortlist. It is a large fabric store located in Ottawa, hidden away in the far corner of the Emerald Plaza in Nepean.

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Ottawa Fabric Secrets – Where are all the good fabrics?

Does Ottawa Have Good Fabric Stores? If you’ve lived in the National Capital Region as an avid crafter, seamstress, or newborn photographer, you soon realized that finding good selection of fabric in Ottawa is nearly impossible. That means a lot of us are no longer

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