Baby Is Coming. Now What? (Ottawa Baby Show meets Prenatal Class)

Ottawa Pregnancy, Birth, & New-Parent Education Event   Pure Natural Newborn Photography is proud to present Ottawa with this amazing one-day pregnancy, birth, & new-parent education event where attendees will get to learn all of the basics of what to expect in their pregnancy and

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How To Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy

Sometimes they just expect you to know everything from one minute to the next, but how could one possibly know what is happening and what is required of you if nobody has ever told you. A great book that was referred by a doctor friend

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Newborn Baby Anya – 1 week new

Baby Anya came to visit the portrait studio for her newborn photography session at almost 1 week new, at 5 days new to be exact. She was such a doll and slept for a good part of the session, which meant we could get quite a

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3 Bathtub Tips to Help Your Baby Love Water!

As a kid, I always loved to play in the water–whether that was running through the sprinklers, swimming in the lake, or having fun with water sports like canoeing or skiing. For whatever reason though, I absolutely hated sticking my face into the water–and still do

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Medical Benefits of Babywearing

With babywearing week in Canada among us, what better time than to share this informational post about all of the medical benefits to it–in addition to the joy and convenience of the matter. I found an expert to dive into it, and explain the research

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Babywearing In Canada Week 2018

Babywearing Party!   To celebrate this year’s Babywearing In Canada Week, a handful of us local business women came together and created a super fun event for local families to come learn about a handful of things related to babywearing, enjoy some delicious cake, and

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