Newborn Baby Karma – 7 weeks new

Baby Karma came to visit the portrait studio for her newborn portraits at just over 7 weeks new, 50 days old to be exact. This session was one of our ‘newborn petites‘ and while she was awake most of the time, we got some great

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5 Best Ways For Capturing Baby’s First Year

I get it, professional photography can be expensive, especially if it were something that you are doing every week or every month to capture your ever-changing baby in that first year. So let’s agree to keep splurging on professional images for important moments and big

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4 Easy Ways To Self Care

Taking a Mama Minute   I get it; your days of sleeping in and lazy Sundays without pants are behind you. Sometimes it may feel that your “you” time came out of your body during labour. Yes, in some ways it did. You now have

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Newborn Baby Thomas – 3 weeks new

Baby Thomas came to visit the portrait studio for his newborn portraits at almost 3 weeks new, 19 days old to be exact. This session was one of the ‘newborn petites‘ and he rocked it like a champ! We were able to get stunning images

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The PNNP Experience

For those of you who have been following my journey for the last year or so know just how excited I am that I have finally been able to get this video put together. Getting it all pieced oh so beautifully has taken time and

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What Is A Birth Plan? And Do I Actually Need One?

At one point or another, every soon-to-be parent asks themselves a ton of questions about the upcoming birth of their child. The more they get to thinking, the more complicated and elaborate the answers seem to get. The logical thing is to plan it out.

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