The Best Time To Book A Newborn Photography Session?

When Should I Schedule My Newborn Photo Session?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the world of newborn photography is about the best time to schedule a newborn session. There are actually two timeframes to consider in the answer.

The best time to book, to do the research and choose a photographer, is BEFORE baby arrives so that everything is taken care of before the chaos of parenthood arrives and all that is left to do is reach out once baby is born. Of course, last-minute bookings can still happen if the studio has availability, and I am more than happy to accommodate whenever possible

Option 1: The best time to schedule the session if you want the squishy naked poses is in the first few weeks of baby’s life. Younger is preferred (5 days through the first few weeks) because their bodies are still used to being in snug womb-like positions and have the luxury of pure flexibility (their bones are still calcifying at that stage), but up to 9 weeks is totally doable). Scheduling the session after 3-5 days, especially for breastfeeding moms since that is when the true “milk” comes in (before that it is colostrum), is to make sure baby has somewhat of a feeding routine and has learned to latch correctly to get enough milk to feel fed for longer. Formula or bottle-fed babies tend to learn a bit quicker and it certainly helps them settle into a pose, but the studio policy is “fed is best”, so you do you.

Option 2: The best time to schedule the session if you want wide-eyed awake portraits is upwards of 6 weeks or so because that is when most babies develop the skill to smile on purpose and stay awake a little longer with better vision to focus on a moving subject, and you can get more variety during the session.

My personal preferences? I recommend scheduling the newborn session around the 10-day mark based on historical successes, or the 3-4 weeks timeframe to avoid the growth-spurt leading up to it that often comes with cluster-feeding, plus the bonus that the older newborns typically come in full of newborn chub. Newborn acne typically shows up somewhere between 2-4 weeks after birth and clears up without treatment, so we would ideally get the session done beforehand, but unless it is severe and painful for baby there is no need to reschedule as it can absolutely be retouched if that is something you would prefer.

Just remember, every baby is different. Posing abilities will vary, skill timelines aren’t an exact science, and the only guarantee is that we will be able to capture gorgeous wall-worthy newborn portraits.

How do I book a photo session?

I’d love to capture your growing family and new baby moments. Use the contact page to send a message to set up a phone consultation so we can discuss details and customize your experience. Let’s create art together.

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