Discovering Manotick – A Walk, Skip & A Jump From Barrhaven

I have always loved small towns, having spent the majority of my childhood summers in the dot on the map that is Moonbeam (15 minutes from Kapuskasing, Ontario), and growing up in the then-small town of Whitby. This didn’t change when I moved to Ottawa, but it was certainly an adjustment to the hustle & bustle that is downtown. I quickly moved out of that apartment and over the last decade have lived all over town, and even ventured off to the Quebec side. Once settled into Chelsea that’s when I knew I was destined to live in a little community, within driving distance from the busy. Fast forward a few years, where my husband and I have settled into our home in Barrhaven.


The Small Town Advantage


Barrhaven has a reputation of being far from everything, in fact it has earned a nickname over the years of Far-Haven. The thing is, there is so much that has bloomed within the community limits that while sure it might be far from other pockets, you don’t actually have to go anywhere for the majority of the products and services.

AND, this past week, I ventured out to a client’s home to delivery and hang their canvases and I discovered how close Manotick was to my studio. In less than 15 minutes, I was smack dab in the middle of a beautiful little town filled with fancy shops and everyday services. I loved it so much, that I have been back 3 times in the last 7 days! I joined the local business networking group, I gave a presentation to the local BIA on the power of search engine optimization (my side-hustle, for those of you new to the party that is my life), and even took my husband for a little tour of the town. Okay fine–when I dragged him to the old Amber Shereen photo studio to clear out her newborn prop stash. My heart is happy, and now I have the luxury of feeling like I belong to TWO amazing little communities!


Salmon Salad from The Black Dog Bistro, Presentation snap from CallBetty, Prop Haul photo for the studio



Do you have any fun stories about your small town? I’d love to hear them!


Your friendly neighbourhood photographer,


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  • Isn’t Manotick great? I grew up there! (and yes the Black Dog Bistro is the best!)

    I remember when Barrhaven was just a small suburb surrounded by farms! Such a great place for families nestled in and around two rivers with loads of greenspace (including the pond on Leinken Drive, Heart’s Desire and Chapman Mills).

    I love Manotick for it’s history and it’s small historic downtown – our house was on the back channel (quiet spot on the Rideau). We’d go to Dickonson Day every year as kids – it was the big event for all of us villagers! ; ) And I hear that the Olde Fashion Christmas event is fabulous. I keep meaning to check it out.

    So happy you’ve discovered it!

    March 30, 2018 at 1:56 PM

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