The PNNP Experience

For those of you who have been following my journey for the last year or so know just how excited I am that I have finally been able to get this video put together. Getting it all pieced oh so beautifully has taken time and effort to make sure it was done right, and it […]

What Is A Birth Plan? And Do I Actually Need One?

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At one point or another, every soon-to-be parent asks themselves a ton of questions about the upcoming birth of their child. The more they get to thinking, the more complicated and elaborate the answers seem to get. The logical thing is to plan it out. Writing a birth plan has become very common place nowadays, […]

Baby Days Are Coming March 24th!

Their first smile is just as important as their first birthday, and there’s nothing more special than being able to look back on these amazing memories. This special event has been specifically designed for capturing growing babies as they achieve their milestones, and show off their newly learned skills. I am here to help you capture these […]

Newborn Baby Aurelie – 2 weeks new

10 days new, baby Aurelie -- antique violet cheesecloth wrap, baby smile, vintage wood crate, lavender floral Dear Felicity tieback | Pure Natural Newborn Photography, Barrhaven / Ottawa

Baby Aurelie came to visit the portrait studio for her newborn photography session at almost 2 weeks new, 10 days old to be exact. She was quite the little grunter, and hinted at a smile a few times so I worked hard to get one. She was the perfect match for one of the new floral […]

Happiness Is At The Bottom Of My Chardonnay

A nice glass of wine at the end of a busy stressful day can do wonders for my mood. Especially a smooth red with my beef tenderloin or a cold glass of dry white with my parmesan crisps. On it’s own works too! While I am lucky enough to share wine taste preferences with my husband, […]

Newborn Baby Wesley – 2 weeks new

Huck Finn Pose, 2 weeks old, Ottawa Newborn Photographer

Baby Wesley came to visit the portrait studio for his newborn photography session at almost 2 weeks new, 13 days to be exact. This little guy made me work very hard for these images, and I am glad we all stuck it out because we even got a smile from him. Between the fun energy of […]