October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

I know I typically try to keep things fun and humourous, but not everything is sunshine and butterflies for everyone. This month’s article touches on something a little more serious, but just as educational, as we strive for awareness and compassion. October has been known as the International Month of Pregnancy & Infant Loss for […]

7 Great Baby Showers Gifts (That Moms Don’t Realize They Need)

With the recent announcement of my pregnancy, friends and family have been pouring in with the congratulatory messages (thank you!), and questions about the gender and shower details and birth plan (hmm, not-so-thank-you). Well, it’s going to be at least another month until I get to know the gender, and my shower would not be […]

Newborn Baby Andrew – 2 weeks new

Baby Andrew came to visit the portrait studio for his newborn photography session at just over 2 weeks new, 17 days old to be exact. He was a champ and slept almost through the entire session, except for when we put him in the little bed–go figure!   World, meet Andrew.   Here are a few […]

How To Safely Incorporate Essential Oils During Pregnancy

I used to think essential oils were a hippie-dippie product that a few annoying ‘friends’ of mine would try to shove upon everyone to buy. But then I discovered there was actual science behind some of it, and found some better friends who were actually helpful with answering questions and didn’t force you to buy anything. […]

Top 5 Diaper Backpacks for New Parents

I really wanted a functional diaper bag, that allowed me to put everything I needed in it, double as my purse, and preferably keep my hands free for doing other things. For me, that means a backpack, or at least one that converts into one when I want it to. I started with the pretty ones […]

Newborn Baby Alizée – 2 weeks new

Baby Alizée came to visit the portrait studio for her newborn photography session at just over 2 weeks new, 16 days old to be exact. She had the perfect amount of baby chub, and let me pose her like a little doll. Perfectly content with sleeping through most of the session, we were able to capture […]

New Dresses at the Studio

I make a point to make it very clear that the studio is fully equipped for newborn and baby sessions, having all of the backdrops, props, accessories and outfits needed. But for those of you who don’t know, I also have a small collection of maternity outfits for mom-to-be that can also be used during […]