What’s The Difference Of A Full-Service Studio?

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE OF A FULL-SERVICE STUDIO? A NATIONALLY ACCREDITED BOUTIQUE PHOTOGRAPHER? When reading “full-service” you probably immediately thought of a gas station—and that is exactly right! You pull up to the pump, tell the attendant what type of gasoline you want and the quantity, and then sit back and relax while the entire thing […]

What is so special about golden hour?

Clients often ask me why I schedule outdoor portrait sessions “so late” when they include babies and toddlers since it is usually at or after their bedtime. Let me start by reassuring you that starting a photoshoot at your kiddo’s normal bedtime is NOT a recipe for disaster. Because they are out and about, kids […]

How We Are Keeping You Safe During The Pandemic | Perks Of A Full-Service Studio

Let’s Start With The Updates WHAT CAN AND CANNOT HAPPEN DURING THE LOCKDOWN The ever-changing regulations and restrictions are confusing, to say the least, so here is a quick summary in regards to photography: the studio must be closed to all appointments, outdoor sessions are permitted within the city of Ottawa for up to four […]

The Client Closet | Perks Of A Full-Service Studio

We’ve all been there: looking through our closets for something to wear feeling uninspired, self-conscious about things that don’t fit, and longing for something new. Then pregnancy happens and exacerbates it all! Our bodies change in size and in shape so the things that did fit really don’t anymore, we want to look amazing in […]

13 Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring A Newborn Photographer

Finding a newborn photographer is such an exciting task that can also feel daunting at times because you have no idea what you are looking at beyond pretty pictures and pricing. Here are the top questions you need to ask when hiring a newborn photographer for your top contenders to make sure you KNOW they […]

The Magic of Retouching | Perks Of A Full-Service Studio

When it comes to editing and retouching, there are so many misconceptions, myths, and magical things that come with it. Let’s jump straight into the details and clear it all up, including surprise photo-day acne! Then I’ll show you some before & after examples of what can be achieved. Retouching Myths Debunked MYTH: Newborns can […]

The differences between MINI vs PETITE vs FULL Photography Sessions

I get asked all of the time whether I offer mini sessions, and people are often shocked to find out what they are inquiring about isn’t actually what they want to book. Thankfully, I have exactly the perfect solution for them that simply goes by a different name: “The Petite”. Let me explain. Mini Sessions […]

what makes us special

What makes the Pure Natural Newborn experience special is what makes it unique, and how it relates to YOU. It is about the experience you will encounter when booking with us; the way your baby is cared for, the way your needs are taken to the next level of service, the way you are treated, […]