5 Easy Ways to Create Variety in Your Albums

Almost every client creates an album with the best images from their portrait session because it means they don’t actually have to think about it too much and actually pick their favourites; it’s more of a “remove any that you don’t want in the album” or choosing to live without similar expressions. A popular alternative […]

The New Deckled Frames Are Here!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! The new deckled frames are here and I cannot wait for you to get your hands on one of your own. Or two, or twenty-two; you do you. I am always looking to provide the best possible services and products to my clients, and I am thrilled […]

Flip Worthy Photo Albums That Will Make Grandma Green With Envy

art-print-product-photos, photo albums, wood box, album box, leather cover, linen cover, linen album

There’s just something about flipping through old photo albums that give you a huge dose of nostalgia, and sheer happiness. Feeling the pages in your hands, being able to run your fingers down the spine, and hearing the crackling as you flip the page–pure bliss!   I remember asking my grandma every time we went […]

Mounted vs Matted Prints – Which Should You Order?


Mounted vs Matted Prints More than the majority of you are probably reading the title on this blog post and don’t know what either of those options even are, let alone which option is better… The truth is, I don’t expect you to know any of it! That’s part of my job, to educate you […]


free newborn session with the purchase of a photo album summer 2017

Everyone Deserves To Have A Photo Album Here’s Your Opportunity   For the entire month of August, when you pre-purchase a photo album, you qualify for a complimentary newborn session. The session can take place anytime in 2017, as long as the booking is made prior to end of business day on August 31st.  Send an […]

Photo Cubes & Image Block Displays

Photo Cubes & Image Blocks Table-Top Art: Image Block Displays Image Block Displays are a great way to show off a few different images in one adorable little space on a desk, side-table, or nursery shelf. Photo Cubes are available in groups or individually, in two different sizes, to suit a variety of needs and […]

Luxury Image Boxes

Luxury Image Boxes and Folios Our luxury image boxes and folios are one of the best ways to be able to print all the images from your newborn session, birth story, and baby sessions, and keep them in one convenient and artistic place, while displaying your favourites as large wall prints. Made with the highest […]

Museum Grade Canvas Wall Art

wall art canvas, ottawa-newborn-photographer-print-product-large-wall-art-canvas-print-thick-edges-flokati-coffee-station

Museum Grade Canvas Wall Art Our gallery wrapped canvas wall art prints are our highest quality wall art. They allow for a high quality frameless print to hang alone or as a group to create wall art. Made with the highest quality canvas, mounted onto solid wood, meant to withstand time. Heck, you could technically dance […]

Personalized Print Packaging

Personalized Print Packaging All of our smaller print products arrive safely and pretty in our custom packaging. Whether it encases your gift prints, your birth announcements, your brag books, or specialty products, they all come in our Pure, Natural & Timeless packaging. Pure & Natural Packaging All of our smaller prints and products come in […]