Behind The Scenes Of Starting A Family – Chapter 4: The Changes Begin

If you haven’t started at Chapter 1 of the adventure, I recommend that you check it out–if nothing else to get to know me a little bit and figure out where we’re at on the journey to start our family. Now that your caught up, and understand the humour of my husband’s “6 week photo” for this post, let’s continue on.



The Changes Begin

The first thing I noticed was around the 4 weeks mark, the fact that my nipples hurt when anything touched them, like your bra brushing against them as you self adjusted–ouch! The next thing was the overall feeling of shittyness, all of the damn time. And, for someone who usually went twice a day, three times max– I needed to pee all of the time. The thirst and needing to drink incessantly probably didn’t help the matter. Then came the nausea half way through week 5. Ouff! Although, I feel like it was just more a perma-state of heartburn feel, that awkward lump in your throat, but this humm of discomfort in your stomach like you ate something bad. Yet, only eating more made you feel temporarily better. For me, wearing my essential oils bracelet doused in peppermint oil seemed to help keep it all at a low bearable hum of yuck. That and the taste of lime–the real, tart stuff.




Not yet. Other than that weird hashbrown scenario last week. But it turns out I just wanted some oily & salty fried breakfast food. Thankfully, eggs with fried veggies worked!



Mood Swings?

Until yesterday I would have told you nope. But while I was angrily yelling at my printer for not doing the one thing it was supposed to–you know, PRINT!–it was a full-blown tears shit-show. Thankfully it was short-lived, but nonetheless, it happened. Otherwise it’s been relatively normal, nothing in either direction, other than the combination of fear and excitement to be a parent. But that’s normal.



Ready for the next chapter? Here’s to continuing on the roller coaster of parenthood! Read on to Chapter 5.

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