Baby de Montigny’s First Month

The moment has finally arrived where I get to show off my very own little girl’s newborn photos! And me being me, doing what I do, you knooooow I didn’t just take one photo of her! And no, she was not always the perfect baby. She fussed a lot, gave me the stink-eye, and cluster-fed until we were done (of course!), and absolutely hates being wrapped (go figure!). BUT she did sleep the entire time of our pro family photoshoot, so I will share those too when the gallery is sent to me. In the meantime, with the luxury of having my workspace in my home, I did one or two setups every few days, so over the course of her first month I accumulated a session’s worth of beautiful images. I am especially excited to continue the budding tradition of her monthly grow-with-me images. See for yourself!


World, meet Baby de Montigny.

2 days old:

3 days old:

6 days old:

1 week old:

13 days old:

20 days old:

21 days old:

25 days old:

1 month old:


I cannot wait to share more fun moments from the behind the scenes with my little family. Follow along on my personal lifestyle blog.







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