When Is The Best Time For Outdoor Family Portraits? Hint, It’s NOT Fall.

Technically speaking fall starts on September 21st, which means we only have two or three weeks of beautiful bold fall leaf colours. That does not leave much time—of on top of the fact that weather is often a cause for rescheduling at that time of year here in Ottawa, and it can get quite cold quite quickly.



There are often THREE factors being considered WHY someone wants fall portraits for their family:


  1. The first is the time of the year because it is right before the holidays which (to them) means the perfect opportunity for capturing a family portrait to have put on your custom holiday card (tree-farm, etc.).

  2. The second is those beautiful bold colours which can also be achieved in the spring and summer using florals instead or the magic of photoshop, and the warmer weather allows you to wear wardrobe options that have more variety. You can layer up on a cooler day and you are not stuck wearing bulky winter jackets.

  3. The third is because especially for extended family sessions, some family members don’t live in the same place as others, and there tend to be more holidays during the fall season to be able to gather everyone to create those family portraits either for holiday cards or for gifting wall portraits to the grandparents.



Each of these factors can absolutely be achieved in spring and summer. Yes, even tree-farm portraits, which is why I often offer Xmas-in-July themed sessions. Early Spring offers similar brownery to late fall, but is often warmer. Late Spring and Summer have a lot more colour options with the different flowering seasons. And if neutrals are what you’re after, they can even be done in winter if you don’t mind the snow!



Send me a message to schedule your spring or summer session in the lovely brownery or ever-changing blossoms 💌e


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