5 Easy Ways to Create Variety in Your Albums

Almost every client creates an album with the best images from their portrait session because it means they don’t actually have to think about it too much and actually pick their favourites; it’s more of a “remove any that you don’t want in the album” or choosing to live without similar expressions. A popular alternative is the portrait box collection (which I like to refer to as the “deconstructed album” since it offers more flexibility in how you can display the artwork: individually or as a collection). Both options also allow them to get the matching social media file of every image they choose to have printed so that they can share them online with friends and family.

5 Easy Ways to Create Variety in Your Albums

Not sure you want to commit to an album filled with beautiful images and would prefer your statement wall portraits? Awesome, I can absolutely help you achieve that goal. Do you want an album, but cannot seem to justify investing in heirloom artwork with all of the images from a single session? Here are 5 easy ways to create variety in your albums. The best part? I guide you through the entire process during the full-service experience so you don’t even have to think about it until you see all of the beautiful portraits captured during our time together. And all of the design work too. Seriously.


Incorporating movement into your session makes it more fun and engaging, and creates beautiful photographic series that tell your story. It can be as simple as swaying, or as fun as jumping & twirling, or as complicated as a choreographed dance.


Being confident & letting yourself feel different emotions and showing off varied expressions creates a unique collection of funny faces and easily spreads joy. This is especially true for studio sessions with a child who would not do very well with a change of wardrobe or backdrop, and the exact reason why I created the Personality Sessions.


A few wardrobe swaps throughout the session allow for unique combinations; it can be as simple as removing a coat or sweater, or as complicated as the whole family changing their outfits. I have done it myself, where the adults changed completely (we did not disturb the kiddos), so I can say firsthand that this is my favourite way to add minimal yet effective changes.


A change of hairstyle or one part of your makeup, such as lip colour, alters the vibe of the portraits and showcases a different part of your personality and style. Adding and swapping accessories (hat, headband, scarf, jewelry, etc.) add an extra layer of subtle diversity in the images as well.


Choosing a location with diverse backdrop options and lighting conditions in one place allows for a variety of scenic portraits and artwork without having to travel between destinations, other than a little bit of walking.

But the absolute BEST proven way to add variety to your album is by completely trusting your photographer to know what they are doing, following the guidelines and recommendations on how to best prepare for your session, and participating fully in the prompts that are presented to you during the session (no matter how silly they seem at the time) and truly enjoy your experience. I promise.


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