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We’ve all been there: looking through our closets for something to wear feeling uninspired, self-conscious about things that don’t fit, and longing for something new. Then pregnancy happens and exacerbates it all! Our bodies change in size and in shape so the things that did fit really don’t anymore, we want to look amazing in something that flatters our baby bump but can’t justify the price tag for something so temporary knowing our bodies will change again once baby arrives, and it certainly doesn’t help that Ottawa has a dismal selection of maternity options (and online shopping for clothes is the worst!).

Don’t give up just yet! The studio has a client closet with several bump-friendly options you can use during your session, whether in-studio or outdoors, and whether or not you are pregnant. It’s all part of the full-service studio experience.

Just a small snippet from the studio’s client closet available for your session.

The Studio Client Closet

Clients choose to hire me for my minimalist and natural artistic style, for the quality printed artwork I create, and the experience (which includes all of the perks of a full-service studio!). One of those many perks is taking advantage of the studio client closet and all the goodness it has to offer.

Free Rental

Using the garments from the studio client closet is a complimentary service included in your creation fee, whether your session is in-studio or outdoor. Most of the garments are currently for womxn and babies, and the selection is constantly expanding the selection to include more options for children.

Extended Sizing

The studio client closet has two main sections (womxn and babies) and as a wide size range within them, and is constantly expanding to include more items (eventually there will also be children and men sections). Baby’s First Year garments range from preemie to 24 months to accommodate all sizes and growth speeds, and Womxn garments range from Small to 4XL (and custom sizes can be ordered).

Prop to Print Service

Don’t see anything you LOVE in the studio closet options or love a dress but it isn’t in your size? That can absolutely be arranged. The coveted Prop to Print Service is all about customization and making sure you get to wear your preferred gown or outfit in your size. As long as it matches the studio aesthetic (neutral) you can special order the garment(s) for your session and the studio will buy it off of you afterwards (and take care of the cleaning!).

ps: Check out this year’s WISHLIST of our favourite garments on the market for your chance to score a FREE portrait session!

Try-On Appointment

Shopping for clothing online can be such a disaster so even though all of the measurements are available for you to virtually choose your preferred garment(s) for your session, Try-On Appointments can be booked to make sure they fit the way you want without the pressure of it being photo-day. [garments are washed/sanitized between uses, appointments abide by pandemic restrictions]

Wear It & Forget It

The studio takes care of all of the cleaning of the garments so that you can wear it & forget it and have one less thing to worry about for your photoshoot. After the session, the garment is washed and then it goes through a UV sanitization process before being put into a garment bag to further mitigate risk.

Wardrobe Recommendations

Once you’ve selected the garment(s) you want to wear for your session, or if you opt-out of using the client closet, you will receive wardrobe recommendations for the rest of the family so that everyone is coordinated and your portraits look cohesive and timeless.

If you have any questions about the client closet or booking process, reach out to or use the contact page to send a message and I am happy to elaborate.

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