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Let’s Start With The Updates


The ever-changing regulations and restrictions are confusing, to say the least, so here is a quick summary in regards to photography: the studio must be closed to all appointments, outdoor sessions are permitted within the city of Ottawa for up to four (4) persons from the same household (distanced), and supervised outdoor pickups are available for booking. This has been confirmed in writing by the Director of The City of Ottawa Bylaw.


The stay-at-home order means we must cease all non-virtual appointments, so while consultations, studio tours, ordering appointments and design meetings can take place over zoom, everything in-person is put on pause until the emergency order has been lifted (so far that is planned for May 7, 2021) because photography is a luxury, no matter how important and time-sensitive the moment may be (my heart breaks too!).

What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe During The Pandemic

As much as I am a stickler for safety and had many policies in place long before the pandemic, there are a few changes since reopening last summer that are always kept up to meet any new and evolving safety regulations mandated by the province (and then even more, because babies!). Here are the biggest changes:

⁣⁣⁣✅  Only one studio appointment per day to allow for a full UV disinfection process between clients (props, backdrops, outfits, etc. are and always have been cleaned/disinfected and/or quarantined between use). 

✅  All studio visitors must complete a mandatory health screening questionnaire before they are permitted to come to the studio (the illness policy has always been zero-tolerance).⠀⁠⁠

⁣✅  All studio visitors over the age of two must wear a mask while in the studio (may temporarily be removed explicitly while family photos are being captured) and distancing is observed wherever possible.⠀⁠⁠

⁣✅  All studio visitors must wash their hands immediately after entering the studio, BEFORE they can proceed to the ordering or shooting area.⠀⁠⁠

⁣✅  The photographer sanitizes their hands in between touching everything [prop, baby, camera, face, etc.] (in addition to frequent handwashing, as usual).⠀⁠⁠

⁣⁣⁣✅  The photographer wears a fresh outfit for every studio session (always has!), including an apron to avoid as much contact as possible with babies, in addition to the mandatory face mask, and eye protection while within baby’s bubble.⠀
⁣⁣⁣✅  The photographer and their immediate household are strictly following government mandates and have avoided any non-essential trips since the pandemic first started. 

It’s all part of the full-service studio experience.

If you have any questions about the safety protocols or restrictions, the booking process, or the available artwork, reach out to or use the contact page to send a message and I am happy to elaborate.

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