About the Photographer

Stephanie de Montigny
Family Photographer

Stephanie de Montigny is the creative mind behind Pure Natural Portraits, and holds a national accreditation in newborn photography with the PPOC.

Her career began a few years earlier working on-site with clients, and in late 2013, Stephanie began welcoming clients to her dedicated home-studio for maternity and baby portraits, and returning clients for their updated family photographs. She prides herself on running a full-service studio and offering one-of-a-kind quality printed ART products that last a lifetime to her clients. Everyone deserves to feel the joy and sense of belonging that wall art brings, and Stephanie has a passion for making sure of it. She loves her career choice, and you can tell!

When she isn’t behind the camera, Stephanie loves to make new props for the studio, listen to tunes while editing images, and design unique art pieces for her clients. In her spare time, when she isn’t mothering her two kiddos, she can be found enjoying a frozen margarita with friends, at the tennis court with her husband, shopping for great vintage and thrifted finds, or elbow-deep in some sort of DIY project. Her post-pandemic hobbies include binge-watching & discovering new tv series while stuck under a sleeping baby of her own, impulse shopping for the studio closet, meeting all the people in her new town, and drinking coffee—lots and lots of caffeine!

Her current personal projects: Boss Mama Diaries and Entrepreneur & Photographer Apparel

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About The Studio

Here’s what to expect from the studio’s aesthetic and artistic style:

The studio’s signature style is pure, natural & timeless with a minimalist approach. Your portraits are created using neutrals and organic hues, combining luxurious textures with your newborn’s silky skin, and incorporating wooden or metal props to compliment your home décor. The portrait studio is equipped with all the props, backdrops, accessories and baby outfits you could possibly need for your session.
Stephanie is specialized in newborns and babies, and only accepts a limited number of clients per month to allow for a personalized experience and custom artwork, so you can have comfort in knowing that each session is unique, and be certain your baby is safe in the caring hands of your trained newborn photographer. She works with families with children of all ages, in the Almonte studio and outdoors throughout the NCR and Ottawa Valley.
Once the images are captured, you get to go through the printed proofs from your session and choose your favourites. Each image you select at your ordering appointment is professionally retouched, and the selection of luxury print products has been carefully selected to complement the minimalist portraiture style and to provide you with quality, timeless, and beautiful one-of-a-kind ART.

Learn more about the Almonte studio by visiting the ‘virtual studio tour’ page.

Each image is professionally retouched to enhance your baby’s natural beauty, tweak any imperfections like a scratch or pimple, and remove any distractions from the setup. Check out more retouching examples.

About the Full-Service Experience

At the full-service studio, anything that can be done to make your experience easier and more fun, is done for you. It means your photographer takes the time and effort to guide you through the pre-session planning process to help you choose the best artwork options to suit your needs, help you coordinate the whole family’s wardrobe (and access to the client closet), and help you pic the best location to create the image style you love. It means that the focus is on your enjoyment of the photoshoot, just as much as creating beautiful images and art pieces that will last a lifetime. The benefit of separating the portrait session from the artwork means the priority is on the experience, which is fully customized to your wants and needs, and that you get to customize exactly what you want rather than be limited to a predetermined package.

full service studio flow chart
When you get in touch with Stephanie, you will be able to chat all about the artwork options, your session and location preferences, and go over wardrobe options from the studio closet. Once you settle on a date, you will be guided through the booking process to reserve it. Leading up to the photoshoot, you will be sent a prep guide on how to best get ready for your session, and invited to go over your wardrobe options and help you pick the best outfits for you and your family. Then you get to enjoy the experience of the portrait session with the photographer. Once your photos are captured and ready for viewing, you will be invited to the studio for your ordering appointment where you will be able to look through all of the images from your session, browse the artwork samples, see mock-ups of your images on your own walls, and officially place your order. The artwork will be available for you to enjoy within a few weeks, and home delivery can be arranged.
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The following services, among many others, are promises towards clients and our community, to uphold integrity and to stand behind the reputation that has been built around the Pure Natural Portrait experience.

  • Top Safety Standards
    • spotter for safe posing
    • props are cleaned & inspected prior to every single use
    • the studio is fully insured
    • over 10 years of experience
  • Studio Guarantees
    • guaranteed newborn session availability for early bookings
    • re-shoot guarantee
    • print product quality guarantee
  • Gift Registry
    • various session options available (maternity, newborn, family, etc.)
    • no minimum contribution for gifters
    • funds useable towards all products
  • Client Closet
    • complimentary garment rentals
    • various sizes and styles available (babies, children, and womxn)
    • prop-to-print service options
    • available for in-studio & outdoors

For more information, please reach out or visit the FAQ section.

According to the Clients

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To start your photographic journey with Stephanie, call (613) 371-4594 or send an email and I am happy to proceed with answering any questions, addressing any pre-session concerns or requests, and to schedule your consultation appointment. Looking forward to photographing your growing family.

Contact Stephanie to book your consultation

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