Our exclusive Prop-to-Print Service

Our exclusive Prop-to-Print service is a unique program that allows families to purchase a prop or accessory from the pre-approved vendors and upon the donation of the prop to the studio, you receive a print credit in exchange. We are also open to unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted items (like this!), just send us a message with a photo and dimensions. Our high-quality custom photography service has the sole purpose of providing a personalized photography experience to create beautiful art for your family. In order to truly personalize the images, our PtoP service allows you to pick out your own props and accessories for your little one’s sessions if you had something specific in mind that we do not currently have in our ever-growing prop stash. This service applies to maternity, newborn, and baby sessions. Items from other vendors are more than welcome, provided they follow the studio’s style, subject to approval. Here are a few great examples.

Note: Please let it be very clear that just because your prop or accessory does not qualify for our PtoP service, does NOT mean you are not allowed to use it. We welcome families to bring in items that have an emotional meaning or are a family heirloom, and we can absolutely include it in your session. [Please note that during the pandemic, no outside props are permitted]

Details & Fine Print:  In order to qualify for the service, you must donate the prop to the studio AND provide the original purchase receipt (or printed copy if purchased online). All items are subject to approval based on safety, aesthetic, quality, reusability, etc. and the request for approval must be sent prior to purchasing (there is no guarantee, even from our preferred vendors, that all props will qualify). When the donated item is accompanied by the original purchase receipt, Pure Natural Newborn Photography will apply a credit for up to 100% of the purchase price to your print order. Please note that many custom vendors have a turnaround time that may exceed 2-4 weeks with shipping so be sure to plan ahead in order to receive your item in time for your session. If your item should arrive after your session takes place, we will happily honour the Prop-to-Print service, you simply won’t have the accessory in your session’s images. Please inquire for details: props@purenaturalnewborn.com

What does ‘preferred prop vendor’ mean?

Getting onto our Preferred Prop Vendors List isn’t easy. Style and aesthetic is something very important, as it can make or break an image. Since the main goal of photography is to highlight the subject in their perfection as they are, the type of props and accessories that we choose to include in our images ensure that you and your baby are the star of the image. Our props and accessories range from headbands, tiebacks, bonnets & hats, pant sets, and wraps to baskets, bowls, crates, & textured fillers.  They are each carefully researched selected to match our signature style of pure & natural, a minimalist approach of using monochromatic sets and texture to create interest in the image, and most importantly to ensure safety while in use with your newborn baby, and siblings.

We often find ourselves being asked where we find our accessories, whether parents can purchase them, and whether parents can bring accessories or props to their newborn session. While we completely encourage them to bring family heirlooms to incorporate into their images, we don’t always recommend bringing a ton of big or flashy props and accessories as they can distract from baby. Thus, we’ve put together a list of our preferred vendors for you to get a further idea of our style and aesthetic, and even have the opportunity to purchase a custom one for yourselves. Even though we’d love to have every single item from these vendors, it’s not possible, so if you see something you like let us know and it may qualify for our prop-to-print service.

Our Preferred Maternity, Newborn & Baby Vendors

[updated as of May 1, 2022]

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Maternity Photo Props

DISCLAIMER: At no point in time did any of the above-mentioned vendors provide compensation of any kind to be included in this list. We have included the listed vendors based on product and service quality, and they will immediately be removed if that changes. Yes, some of the links do provide us with a small referral commission at no additional cost to you, but they are shops that we had linked to regardless.

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