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Tummy to Tot – Ottawa Parenting Event

When Källababy approached me to come speak as an expert at their upcoming Tummy to Tot event, I was over-the-moon! Together with Mommy Connections, they have created an event to bring back the small-town feel to the community, and you know that is what I am all about! I love meeting people, building meaningful relationships–whether personal or business–and giving back to my community.

I hope you jumped on the opportunity to come to enjoy all the food and the fun and the educators at the event on Saturday! It was truly an amazing experience. If not, here is a recap of the event, and a quick introduction to the experts and how they can help you through your journey from tummy to tot.

Meet The Organizers

The organizers Källababy and Mommy Connections put on a widely successful event at iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre in Westboro this past weekend; a mix and mingle aiming to introduce pregnant women and new parents to many of the fantastic local maternity experts and businesses that support families in their parenting journey, and to foster connections with other parents and community. This event is absolutely representative of the values they hold in their businesses and their everyday lives, and I am proud to have been a part of it, and absolutely look forward to the next event. (dates coming soon!)


Kallababy: Marnie & Ivan

The Venue – iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre

iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre, Westboro / Wellington West

Meet The Experts


Susan Nolan

Lactation Consultant, Birth Care

Susan is an experienced Lactation Consultant and Registered Nurse and has assisted childbearing families since 1992, with the company name of Birthcare.  She meets with new parents and their babies in their own homes. A careful, thorough assessment is done and a personalized plan of care is written for each family.  Followup meetings are either in client’s homes or in clinic settings, which are host ed at various locations in the city.  Medela breastpumps are also available for rental or purchase.




Sylvia Corzato

Parent Consultant & Child Behaviour Specialist, Success in Steps.

She works with tired and struggling parents to overcome challenges and behaviour that are preventing families to enjoy quality time together. From challenges and behaviours such as constant meltdowns to aggression, potty training, mealtime struggles to establish family balance and organization.

Sylvia is non-traditional as she provides support to parents/families unique situation, looking at the needs and strengths of the family using a multi-disciplinary approach from her 17 years of experience.  She specializes in working with families that may have children on the Autism Spectrum, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety along with typically developing children facing behaviours & challenges. Her passion & mission is to provide parents with the tools and support that will allow them to become confident in implementing strategies that will create a positive impact for the whole family, resulting in family balance and organization.



Stephanie de Montigny

Belly and Baby Photographer, Pure Natural Newborn Photography

Stephanie is the creative mind behind Pure Natural Newborn Photography, and has been specializing in newborn portraiture for the last 5 years. She runs a full-service studio, which means she takes the time and effort to guide you through the entire process of creating your beautiful art pieces, and ensures you walk away with something tangible that will last a lifetime. Each image is professionally retouched, and the selection of luxury print products has been carefully selected to highlight the Pure & Natural portraiture style, and to provide you with quality, timeless, and beautiful one-of-a-kind ART.

Stephanie is known for using neutrals and organic hues, combining luxurious textures with your newborn’s silky skin, and by incorporating muted earthy tones to compliment your home décor. The portrait studio is equipped with all the props, backdrops, accessories and baby outfits you could possibly need for your session.



Stéphanie Deschênes

Chiropractor,  Dunrobin Family Chiropractic



Andria Bell

Bells Babies, Pre and Post Natal Educator

Providing educational workshops for parents.  Andria is a doula, babywearing educator, pre/postnatal yoga teacher and breastfeeding counselor.  She uses the knowledge she has gained through trainings as well as from the parents she has been working with for the past 5 years.

Bells Babies also offers in home private education on babywearing, postnatal belly binding, and the forth trimester.






Lesley Hoyles

Manager of Operations, Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre



Amie Scharfe and Danielle Stehr

Doula, National Capital Doulas
National Capital Doulas is one of the Ottawa/Gatineau area’s first locally owned and operated full service, professional doula companies. They offer a full range of birth and postpartum doula services, birth and breastfeeding education and support, as well as equipment rentals and placenta services.
Over the years they have attended hundreds of births – supporting our clients in their choice of birth location throughout all of the local hospitals, the Ottawa and Gatineau birth centres, and home birth. They’ve supported hundreds of couples through the postpartum period as well, helping all types of families through this important transition, whether they are bringing home their first baby, multiples, or adding a second or third tiny new family member.
Their support is backed by evidence based research, professional training and years of experience supporting couples and families.
To learn more about the support and services offered, visit their website at www.nationalcapitaldoulas.com


Michelle McAvoy

Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Lovebugs Sleep Coaching



Erin Choi & Tiffany Drummond

Early Childhood Educators, ProCare Family Centre



Anna Belanger

Registered Massage Therapist, Anna Belanger and Associates

All our therapists are trained to treat and assess pregnancy and pregnancy related symptoms. Our clinics and rooms are equipped with The Body Cushion System. Clients have the choice to lie face down or side-lying position. With thousands of prenatal and postnatal treatments performed at our clinics – we are a trusted name in the community.


Sharalyn Crossfield

Best Fit Car Seat Program, Ottawa Safety Council




The Tummy to Tot Event Photos

the event

Tummy to Tot Parenting Event Ottawa, Inside Out Studio Barre WestboroTummy to Tot Parenting Event Ottawa, Strawberry Blonde BakeryTummy to Tot Parenting Event Ottawa, Pure KitchenTummy to Tot, Inside Out Studio Barre Westboro, Kallababy, Mommy Connections Ottawa

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