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Setting Up A Functional Nursery That Is Also Beautiful

When Storage Meets Design

Newborns may be small, but they tend come with a lot of “stuff”. Although you spend hours imagining the design the room to be just as cute as your baby, you really need to focus on functionality and how to organize all of those diapers, onesies, and toys. The geniuses at PartSelect at have come up with some great tips to organize a functional, yet beautiful, nursery. Check out the amazing infographic below for setting up a functional nursery!


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Setting Up A Functional Nursery That Is Also Beautiful

Written by Dinah Wulf


Arranging the Furniture for Function


In order to make the most of a small space and create ultimate functionality in a room, you need to consider the room’s key activities and purpose. In the case of a nursery, you will be feeding and changing the baby, and putting the baby to sleep. Therefore most important pieces of furniture are the baby’s crib and changing table. It is vital to place these pieces of furniture in a practical location in the room. You will want to be able to put your baby on the changing table and have their outfits within arm’s reach, all while being strategically placed to avoid bumps in the dark for those late night feedings. You should also be able to rock the baby and easily transition to the crib, and escape the room with the same ease.

It is important that your furniture layout is designed in a way that always puts baby’s safety first. Arrange the furniture so that you never have to leave the baby’s side, even for a second. For example, you should never have to leave the changing table for supplies, and the crib should be kept away from a drafty window. Be sure to keep the baby away from loose draperies and other hazards such as bookcases or heavy canvases on the wall.



Organizing a Dresser and Changing Station


For the best functionality, organize the dresser with the most often used items on top, and least used items on the bottom. You’ll need diapers and wipes the most, followed by baby clothes, then blankets and extras. It may be difficult to use a traditional closet space efficiently, so get creative by using a sturdy bookshelf unit and adding a bar for hanging clothes, and using bins for beautifully hidden storage. You can also choose to remove the doors and put a dresser in the alcove below the rod. This means the space can be used for more baby items and can be versatile when the baby grows older.



Double Duty Decorating


Once the furniture is taken care of, you can truly make the room your own. Combine fashion and function with double duty decorating. Try to use pieces that serve as beautiful décor but also serve a practical purpose, such as hanging attractive wicker baskets for extras, or an antique ladder for blankets and quilts. There’s always open wall space for beautiful artwork or a monogram for a personal touch.

From furniture arrangement to practical décor, there’s a lot to consider when putting a room together for your newborn. If there’s something that isn’t working for you, change it! You’ll discover what works best for you and your little one after endless diaper changes.



The Quick Guide For Setting Up A Functional Nursery


beautiful setting up a functional nursery infographic

Now you are ready to take on the baby world and make it your own! Take a looks at all the customization options available for setting up a functional nursery and really personalizing your space.

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