Le Marché du Vieux Aylmer

A wonderful Sunday morning spent at Le Marché du Vieux Aylmer

It’s not every day that I get to go out and explore my community. On this particularly lazy Sunday, my partner and I decided that the perfect way to start off our morning was to take a trip down to Le Marché du Vieux Aylmer. The trek from Gatineau was well worth it; I even brought my camera along to share the experience with you all!

My favourite way to photograph an event or trip with my family, is to actually go out and experience it with my eyes first, and then double-back and experience my favourite parts all over again with my lens. This allows me to spend valuable time with my loved ones without hindering the experience, and also allows me to see everything from multiple angles before capturing the details with my camera. I absolutely encourage you to do the same!

Here are some of my favourite vendors that were open for business at the Marché du Vieux-Aylmer this week:

Reprises Fibres (Anna & Jenna)


Rustique Chic (Claude Lafontaine)

marche-vieux-aylmer-rustique-chique-rustic-chic-wood-crates-upcycled-wooden-pallettes-wine-rack-bottle-opener-holder marche-vieux-aylmer-rustique-chique-rustic-chic-wood-crates-upcycled-wooden-pallet-wine-rack-bottle-opener-holdermarche-vieux-aylmer-rustique-chique-rustic-chic-upcycled-wooden-pallet-wine-rack-bottle-opener-holder

Savonnerie Saponaria


De Sève Artisan

marche-vieux-aylmer_de-seve-artisan-cutting-board-mouse-cheese-platter-wooden-spoon-maple-wood-spatula marche-vieux-aylmer_de-seve-artisan-cutting-board-bird-cheese-platter-wooden-spoon-maple-wood-spatula

L’Ébéniste Urbain (Mario Gagnon)


Of course there were more vendors than what I photographed so I urge you to visit the market — Le Marché du Vieux Aylmer — for yourself and explore the many other local businesses. There were tons of booths with fresh vegetables and fruits, gorgeous plants and herbs, snacks (like yummy sausages and lemonade!), as well as a few wineries and canned goods vendors (jam, marmalade, veggies, etc.). There was also a maple farm booth. But the maple sugar yumminess distracted me from my camera.. Oops! Next time.

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  • Ros Malegus



    Do you know who the vendor is that makes the maple wooden utensils in your photo from Le Marché du Vieux Aylmer? Thank you.


    November 4, 2019 at 12:24 PM
    • Absolutely, all of the vendors are listed in the post–those wooden utensils are from DE SÈVE ARTISAN. Best of luck getting your hands on some!

      November 6, 2019 at 1:12 PM

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