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Hanging your art almost always falls onto the back-burner. It even happens to us professionals. I have framed images from over 2 years ago that are still leaning against the wall where I want them to go. All because the ones I bought weren’t ready to hang, and I needed to add a wire or string to the backing to be able to put it up. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that! Moving to the new house gave me the opportunity to have bare walls and start designing my space from scratch. BUT, over six months in and only the ready-to-hang pieces I ordered through my pro lab are up. The assembly-required frames from Michaels and IKEA are still in the “to hang” pile waiting for me to get around to them, which has slowly made it’s way into the closet, hidden from view. Yikes!


I have decided that I will never let that happen to my clients. Even if it means I come to your home one afternoon, and get it all set up and beautifully on display for you. I’ve ventured out into a snow storm two days before Christmas to get it done, and was more than happy to do so because it meant they got to enjoy them for the holidays and show off their pride & joy to friends and family. That feeling is how I want to leave my clients; with everything conveniently done for them, so all they have to do is pick where they want them (Heck, I even help with that!).


If you want to take advantage of this tiny part of what the full-service studio has to offer, I would love to book a session with you to create beautiful wall-worthy images, and get them up there for you. Contact me today for more information.


Is That New Frame Still Waiting To Be Hung?


If you’ve purchased wall art from Pure Natural Newborn Photography in the past, no matter how far back, and it is still waiting to be hung, please reach out so that we can schedule an appointment for me to come over and get them up for you.  Have other pieces that you’ve bought in the meantime with the intention of creating a wall gallery with your PNNP portraits? Yup, we can get those up too!





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