How To Avoid The Dreaded Baby Clutter

Spring is [finally] upon us! And with the warmer weather that is hopefully right around the corner, we tend to start thinking about decluttering the house. From sweeping out the dust that has settled over the cold winter months, to opening the windows for some well-needed fresh air, and donating all those clothes you’ve accumulated that still don’t fit. It can be quite overwhelming to go through it all, especially with a baby, so I have found an expert to help you through it. Cassandra helped me make the transition from my apartment to my new home, and on how to unpack to start off on the right organized foot. She’s got a few tricks up her sleeve on how to avoid the dreaded baby clutter altogether, and help keep things organized all year long. I leave the floor to Cass.



When little people enter our world, everything changes! There so many beautiful moments we get to experience.  Apart from all the beautiful moments, babies also mean more stuff- toys, clothes, diapers, and things… yes, things. Little rattles, soothers, tiny socks, little tiny nail clippers, etc. How does something so little require so much! Not to mention, what do we do with it all?


Being organized can make your life a whole lot easier! Now, I can’t change the fact that baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying, but I can ensure that everything is organized and easy to find when you do have to get up!


Below are 5 tips to avoid the dreaded baby clutter:

#1. Have a system

Organize a station that holds all the diapers, wipes, cream, ointments, shooters, reviving blankets, nail clippers, etc. If you need two of these stations in the home, that’s okay! Just make sure everything has a distinct “home” and be sure to ALWAYS PUT THINGS BACK! I wouldn’t recommend having more than 2 stations as you might end up leaving things all over the home, and we want to avoid that!



#2. Use Containers

Separate babies clothes using containers within the drawers. Not only will this allow for organized drawers but you will also use this system as a measuring tool. Know that baby’s don’t need a million clothes- put everything in one dresser and off you go! You can even go a step further and pre-make baby’s outfits. Additionally, I would recommend only using a dresser and not the closet. The only time you need the closet is for storage and to hang little-girls dresses.



#3. Have a separate laundry basket.

Be sure to put baby’s clothes in a separate laundry basket from everyone else. Furthermore, wash his/her clothes separately too! There’s no need for lost socks or for clothes to be everywhere in the home (Mom & dads room/bathroom, living room, kitchen counter, steps going up the stairs, mixed in with baby’s toys, etc. Trust me, I’ve seen it all! When baby can walk, you can teach baby to put their clothes in their own basket. This makes it fun for them, teaches them responsibilities and independence. I started my son on this system when he could walk!


#4. Have three bins in the closet with labels.

This is key! One bin will be for clothes that baby has grown out of, one is for the next size up and the third one is for donations. This will ensure that at any stage of baby’s life, the clothes are organized by size and when you decide to keep/sell/donate them, the process will be easy. It will also save you an abundance time and energy when you realize baby no longer fits in the clothes you put them in last week (or last night!)- so having that bin on hand will help you, rather than having to go out and buy some, or search for them in your basement.


#5. Keep & buy only what you need!

People are generous, and as tempting as those “buy-nothing-mommy-Facebook groups” are, do not scroll unless you need something. And if you do, use the SEARCH BAR to search exactly what you’re looking for! Additionally, people love babies. They WILL buy you things. So for this reason, don’t feel obligated to keep everything people buy for you/the baby. Remember, being organized and having less will help you physically, emotionally, and in so many other ways. Having too much stuff will impact all these areas so be selfish and take care of you, baby, your family, and your environment. Purge!



#6. BONUS: Having a hope-chest or baby-box is okay!

Start a baby box and keep it in the baby’s closet. This can hold memorabilia, photos, crafts, etc. You can also have an accomplishment binder from daycare-grade twelve. One section for each year. It can include drawings, awards, report cards, etc. 😊 Having these two items will keep your babies items contained, and in one spot in the home. Trust me, you will thank me for this one!


And remember, all children want is to be loved and to spend time with their family. Having too much stuff is only going to take away from that time; shopping, tidying, organizing, donating, arguing, etc. Have less, live simply and most of all, love your life 💜

– Cassandra


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – MAMA MOBILECassandra Henry is the proud owner of Transformed Spaces, a business that helps individuals and families create functional and maintainable spaces that they absolutely love to be in.

Cassandra is so passionate about what she does! She found joy in showing people how to LOVE their homes, through the process of decluttering and organizing. Owning a business allows her to be flexible with her time, which means that she can not only help people fall in love with their space but also spend time with family & friends- all of which mean the world to her. She can help you fall in love with your space again! She creates systems that are customize to your visions, goals and needs. Whether you need help with your closets, your kids bedrooms, or even your office–she can do it all! Cassandra will not only transform your space, but her work will transform your life too! 

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