Frequently Asked Questions (part 2)

Part 2 of the Frequently Asked Questions series. Missed part 1? Find it here.

Do you have props and accessories or do I have to provide them?

The studio is fully stocked with a plethora of different background options & props such as buckets, crates, bowls, etc. & baby accessories like dainty headbands, perfectly fitting diaper covers, and a large selection of hats and bonnets. Each and every item in studio has been carefully researched and selected because it matches the studio’s style and easthetic that you’ve hired me to create for you. The goal is to make sure your newborn baby is the star of the image, and all of the props and accessories compliment the setup and highlight your baby. Newborns are perfect as-is, and I want to showcase that through your images. You are more than welcome to bring in family heirlooms to be incorporated, but this should be mentioned in your pre-session consultation so I can incorporate it/them into the planned setups.

What if I like a picture I found online, can you duplicate it?

If you’ve found an image on the website, then I can absolutely attempt to duplicate it. Please keep in mind that not all babies can do all poses, but I am happy to safely try. If you found something through a google search, if it matches the studio’s style I am willing to attempt a similar version within my artistic vision. If the studio does not have a certain prop or accessory, I am happy to create or purchase something similar specifically for your session. Certain conditions apply.

If I buy a photo prop for my session but will never use it again, can I get a discount if I give it to the studio?

It is always recommended to discuss these details with your photographer before purchasing a prop since the studio has TONS already, and if time allows one can be special ordered or create for your session. If you purchased a prop or accessory that can be safely reused for other sessions, fits into the studio’s style, and donate the item along with the original receipt/invoice, we will happily offer you the cost of the item towards your print order. All purchases MUST be approved to qualify for this offer. Exceptions may apply. Feel free to check out our featured vendors for an idea of what we have, and you will be able to see our stash during your studio tour.

What should we wear for the session?

Neutral colours work best, avoiding logos or decals, patterns, and buttons. You will have time for a clothing change, so feel free to bring a few outfit options. This is something we will be going over during the pre-session planning to make sure your set is cohesive with your home and style, and you will receive a clothing guide once you have reserved your session.
For young boys, I recommend neutrals or skins & jeans. For young girls, I recommend neutral dresses or we can make use of the wardrobe options in the studio for make-shift outfits. For the newborn, naked is best. Simply bring extra diapers and wipes, and we will use the wraps, rompers and specially sized baby pants, etc. that we have stocked at the studio.

How to prepare for your maternity session
How to prepare for your newborn session
How to prepare for your baby milestone session

What happens during the session?

Each session is a little different, and we will cover this tid bit of information at the studio consultation along with your tour.
Call the studio at 613-371-4594 to book yours today.

Are parent shots included in my session?

Yes, I absolutely love to capture the sweet bond between parents and their newborn baby.  There is a &Family option to each of the offered sessions (newborn, baby, maternity). You also have the option to book professional hair stylist & makeup artist. Keeps mom relaxed, makes her feel pampered, and ensures she feels her best. Parent shots are typically done at the end of the session, unless there are siblings, in which case they would be done at the beginning.

I have older children who I would like photographed with my newborn. Can you accommodate this?

Yes, the Newborn&Family Session includes images with parents and siblings. I ask that if you wish to have siblings photographed with your newborn, that you let me know PRIOR to your session at the consultation and during your pre-session planning questionnaire. This will allows for us to discuss their personalities, and decide on the best plan of action.

My child loses interest quickly, can I book a shorter session?

Typically, I capture the sibling and family portraits in the first hour of the session, and then either a friend or family member can take the youngsters home or to the nearby park (seasonally). If you know in advance that your child isn’t excited about photos, bring bribing tools such as games or a valid promise for getting a treat afterwards. Also make sure to let me know about them so I can utilize them to coax out some smiles. Then we will proceed with baby only images for the remainder of the session.

What if my child and/or baby doesn’t cooperate and you didn’t get any photos?  

The Newborn Photography Re-Shoot Guarantee is a personalized service that is offered to our newborn clients. From your Studio Newborn Portrait Session, it is guarantee that we can capture a minimum of 5 great and unique images to include in your session’s proofing gallery. This means that you could hang all 5 of these images side-by-side in your home, with no duplication. If we are unable to capture the minimum number of portraits, you will be invited to schedule a second session at no additional charge in order to fill your gallery. That being said, I have never needed to honour this guarantee to date.

For older children, unfortunately we have no control over their personality or mood on the day of the session, but I do my best to capture their essence and the love they have for their baby sibling.

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