Blossoming Beauty in the Greenhouse | Ottawa Children Photographer

When your little client shows up with the perfect amount of sass and style, and starts posing herself like a true little model, it’s a big WIN in my books! Especially when the fan comes on at the perfect time. 

Being able to capture portraits in a greenhouse has been a longtime bucket list item of mine and I am so happy to be able to check it off this year. So much so that I want to offer the same opportunity to even more clients (yes, YOU!).

The transition from toddlerhood to ‘big kid’ can be challenging; for parents AND children. Being able to capture the pure delight of a child’s imagination and excitement as they explore their personalities and surroundings amidst a breathtaking nursery greenhouse is absolutely a privilege. Within this whimsical sanctuary where beautiful blooms and lush greenery become the backdrop for enchanting portraits, I was able to preserve the innocence and joy of childhood and I cannot wait to see them on display (I am absolutely getting one for the studio!).

I have the perfect art product that will bring these portraits to life, allowing the vibrant colours and playful expressions to shine, and fill your space with the laughter and wonder that only children can bring. It isn’t in my standard offering as it works best with bright bold colours, not typically neutrals, and they are GOR-GE-OUS!

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