Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party

As you all know, my husband and I are expecting a little one of our own. This weekend we hosted a family and friends get-together for our baby shower, which also doubled as a gender reveal. I know, I know–it’s technically a ‘sex reveal’ rather than gender, but somehow I couldn’t put that on the invitations.


We had our festivities at ALE in Stittsville (Ottawa) so we could enjoy catching up over served brunch, and a nice bright space for some games and mingling.


Here is a visual recap of our amazing event, filled with smiling faces and loving wishes. And yes, the official reveal!




Remember that adorable little onesie that we used for our pregnancy announcement?

My best friend is super creative in the kitchen, and she took it upon herself to create a beautiful display of decorated sugar cookies, including an almost exact replica as our going-home onesie as a cookie. They are amazing!




Throughout the mingling, we had everyone place their bets and cast their ballots before the big reveal. Their clues were the ultrasound, my form-fitting dress for belly shape and location, plus whatever other superstitions and old wives tales are out there.



Then Alex gave us all a little show to reveal the big news:



And the day would not be complete without an updated photo of my family. It may not be the best image according to the technical rules, but the four of us smiling and together makes me oh so happy. It means the world that they traveled all this way to help me celebrate this next big moment in my life. I cannot wait to start my own little family with my husband.






The happy family: my dad, myself, my little brother, and my mom


Decor: card box from Box of Wishes, acrylic quote sign from Dear North Designs, and the congratulations banner and cookies were made by a friend.


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