Newborn Baby Asher – 3 weeks new

I was extra excited for this little guy to come visit the studio because I had photographed his big brother Ace almost two years ago. Baby Asher came to visit the portrait studio for his newborn photography session at just over 2 weeks new, 15 days to be exact. He was an adorable baby boy, almost the spitting image of his older brother at that age, but he was having a rough day and wanted nothing more than to be held. We worked really hard to get him fed and soothed to sleep, and I managed to get beautiful images of him sleeping in the wooden crate, and even snuck one in with big bro before he quite clearly told us he had had enough. Since we weren’t doing any family shots for this particular session, we decided to call it a day & give everyone a break, and take advantage of the studio guarantee to schedule a second session to complete the gallery.

The last few setups were captured when he was just over 3 weeks new, 23 days to be specific. As you can tell, being an older newborn had no impact on the adorableness of the images (especially if you enjoy the extra chub as much as I do!), and it allowed for us all to return refreshed and create even more beautiful portraits. I look forward to our next session together to mark their milestones.


World, meet Asher.


Here are a few favourites from the two sessions.

newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-wood-crate-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-4914 newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-wood-crate-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-4921newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-wood-crate-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-4915 newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-wood-crate-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-4918newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-wood-crate-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-older-brother-hug-jeans-skin-no-shirtnewborn-photos-ottawa-asher-brown-fluff-fur-sleeping-baby-naked-bum-4941 newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-fuzzy-tan-beige-blanket-sleeping-baby-dolly-priss-wrap-4963newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-fuzzy-tan-beige-blanket-sleeping-baby-side-profile-face-dolly-priss-wrap-4963newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-fuzzy-tan-beige-blanket-sleeping-baby-naked-bum-4998newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-brown-quilt-blanket-wide-eyed-baby-5024newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-5007  newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-5031 newborn-photos-ottawa-asher-brown-quilt-blanket-sleeping-baby-5038


I have been making a point to photograph the gorgeous print products as they arrive at the studio before my clients pick them up, because that’s often the best part of my job–seeing the faces of joyous parents as they pick up their ART from the studio. The babies are cute, don’t get me wrong, but that pure unfiltered joy is so much better!

Just look at this beautiful canvas that will look great next to that of his older brother I photographed as a newborn 2 years ago. Is there anything greater than a life-size baby on the wall? <3



How do I book a photo session?

We’d love to capture your growing family and new baby moments. Use the contact page to send a message to set up a pre-session consultation so we can customize your experience. Maternity Portraits are the most flatteringly captured between weeks 26-36, Newborn Photography Sessions are best held within the first 2 weeks from birth, and Mommy&Baby portrait sessions are typically within the first month after baby is born. Baby Photos are best captured to celebrate a milestone (tummy-time, sitting, standing, etc.).

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prop credits: tan wrap from dolly priss, brown wrap and burlap layer from pure natural newborn


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