Baby Ahmat – 3 weeks new

Newborn Baby Ahmat – 3 Weeks New

Little Ahmat came to visit us at the studio for his newborn photo session at 3 weeks new, 20 days to be exact. This handsome fella was the most adorable little squeaker in his sleep. Took him a while to get accustomed to the new sounds and faces, but once we soothed him to sleep he was a dream to photograph. Gosh, my favourite part of older newborns is their amazing baby rolls! Just look at his royal scrumptiousness <3

World, meet Ahmat.

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I love delivery day! Their wall art is going to look amazing!

How do I book a session?

We’d love to capture your growing family and new baby moments. Use our contact page to send us a message to set up a pre-session consultation so we can customize your experience. Maternity Portraits are the most flatteringly captured between weeks 26-36, Newborn Photography Sessions are best held within the first 2 weeks from birth, and Mommy&Baby portrait sessions are typically within the first month after baby is born. Baby Photos are best captured to celebrate a milestone (tummy-time, sitting, standing, etc.).

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prop credits: blue romper from Cocoa & Blush

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