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7 Tips for Baby-Friendly Holiday Decor from Candace Plotz Design

I had the opportunity to chat with my interior design colleague, Candace Plotz, this week about how to decorate my studio for the upcoming holidays. With everything having to be super baby-friendly and toddler-proof, there were quite a few things that we could not do or needed to adjust to make sure they were safe around small children. Since many first-time parents will also need to incorporate these adjustments, we figured we’d save you the time and effort of coming up with these yourself, and give you a handful of tips for baby-friendly holiday decor. Enjoy!


7 Tips for Baby-Friendly Holiday Decor


1. The Scandinavian look is super hot right now, so embrace it. It provides a beautiful, clean and modern aesthetic. <– this is my favourite because it is such a simple yet effective option, and it also works for those of us who want to decorate but are super lazy about it! 



2. Use shatterproof ornaments OR organic items such as pinecones or dried oranges as decorations on your tree. <— even better if they are handmade locally!



3. Use a smaller tree in a beautiful box or basket and place it up high on a table. You can also use a small cloth or doily for a little extra interest, but make sure to avoid a table cloth that baby cull pull down on. <— this will also save you money because your tree is smaller and doesn’t require as many decorations!



4. ‘Box off’ your tree with large heavy boxes that are wrapped to look like presents. This will prevent baby from getting too close to your tree or the electrical, without having to install an eye-sore of a baby gate.



5. Keep holiday decorations exclusively on top of your mantle, and hang your stockings on the wall instead of the fireplace. This prevents baby from being able to pull the whole thing down, or being drawn towards the danger of the heat. <— another one of my favourites as it can be super-Christmassy or clean & modern. 



6. Take advantage of decor that can be displayed out-of-reach such as wreaths or mistletoe, and avoid coffee table center-pieces that can be grabbed by little hands.



7. Use multi-purpose holiday decor such as festive blankets and throw pillows to spruce up your living areas, without any danger to baby.



Candace offers full scale interior design and decorating services in the Ottawa area, and is happy to help you with your home or office decor needs. Give her a call to schedule your in-home design consultation, or purchase one as a holiday gift for a friend or family member who is in need of a little help.


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