4 Things You Can Count On When Working With Stephanie As Your Photographer⁠

Choosing a professional photographer to work with can sometimes feel like a daunting task if you don't know what you are looking for or where to look. The basics are the image STYLE, the ARTWORK available for creating, the LOCATION and how far you are willing to travel, and the PERSON behind the camera. Are they reputable? Are they nice? Are they experienced? Price should be your last deciding factor, because it IS one, but the others are far more important and often indicative of the level or service and quality you receive (not always, but the norm).

So on the assumption that you love the images and artwork options you see on the website, that you are located in the Ottawa area or are willing to drive to the Almonte studio, and are at the stage of deciding if you want to work with ME, this is a great way to start.

5 Things You Can Count On When Working With Yours Truly:⁠

1. Free in-home art consultations are a staple part of the booking process because they allow for you to be able to see all of the artwork options, ask your important questions, and for us to get to know each other a little bit and make sure we are a good fit.⁠ Then the magic happens in the customization of every step along the way yo truly personalize your portrait experience and the resulting artwork to fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

2. You getting to walk away from your experience with tangible artwork is THE reason I do what I do and why clients choose to work with me. The print AND digital versions come with each image you purchase so you get the best of both worlds! ⁠And technically you don’t ‘walk away’ with it because I deliver it to your home and install them onto your walls.

3. I travel across the entire Ottawa area for outdoor sessions for their beautiful nature spots and industrial hideaways, and there are plenty of gorgeous locations right here in Mississippi Mills (I also work in the Kawartha Lakes area in the summer season). The studio is in Almonte and we can even split your session into two parts to include both types of images. [and YES, we can do posed newborn sessions outdoors during the warmer months too!]⁠

4. You feel good knowing you are supporting the local community, and not just because you are working with me as a small business owner and artist, but two-fold because part of every portrait session gets donated to many local organizations in the Ottawa & Lanark areas. This year alone we were able to raise over two thousand dollars between sessions and auction donations!

5. Working with neutrals and a minimalist style is the perfect way to make sure that no matter which images you choose to display in your home, they match your decor and literally fit into your life perfectly. That being said, it’s YOUR session and if you want to bring and wear a bold-coloured item or have everyone in 80’s style garments or “ugly” Christmas sweaters, you do you! My clients are drawn to me for my style, but my priority is creating beautiful printed artwork rather than dictating what people cannot or shouldn’t wear for THEIR family portraits (only recommendations or suggestions).

BONUS! The client closet is always available for you to use so you know there’s always something beautiful for you to wear should you decide everything in your closet sucks (I’ve been there!), or one of your lovely kiddos makes a complete mess of what you had decided on for one or more fo you to wear.

Still not sure? Check out the Perks of a Full Service-Studio or reach out to 613-371-4594 for a discovery call and to schedule your free in-home consultation to go over all of the awesome artwork we can create together, and coordinate the perfect family outfits and location for your portraits.


Pure Natural Portraits (Stephanie de Montigny)
Pregnancy through Baby’s First Year & Beyond
Almonte / Ottawa, Ontario | (613) 371 – 4594
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