Newborns are adorable, especially when they are positioned just-so in a way that shows off all of their tiny features and swoon-worthy baby rolls! BUT it would be a huge lie if I told you that it was an easy job. I absolutely love it, but it is certainly hard work to capture these beautiful portraits for my clients. With the right tools, it is certainly made more manageable, and having it all at-the-ready is the most important part.

This is why I have created a newborn session kit that I keep in my studio, in a trolley with wheels so that is is easily maneuvered to wherever I’ve got my setup, and always within arm’s reach.



My Studio Newborn Session Kit


If you’ve ever seen my kit at the end of a newborn session, it’s looking pretty sparse. Sometimes the only things left in the trolley are the bottles because everything else gets used up, or needs to be washed before it can be returned to its place. Over the years I have learned a few tricks, found great dual-purpose products, and have tried to cut back on one-time-use items as much as possible. These are the basics of my studio newborn session kit, and I would not start a session without them!



These items do not fit IN my trolley, but they are items I use in every single newborn session, and are absolutely considered part of my must-haves:


While these things are not mandatory if you are just starting out, they make your life wayyyyy easier and cut out a lot of do-it-yourself-ish projects at the studio, and I would absolutely consider them part of my newborn session kit at this point:


Newborn Baby Photography Studio, ottawa-newborn-photography-studio-poser-pullback-setup-roses-and-ruffles-backdrop-einstein-strobe-paul-c-buff


And since this article is meant to highlight the actual studio newborn session kit, rather than the must-haves for a newborn session, I have left out the seemingly obvious CAMERA requirement. Other important items like backdrops, props, outfits and accessories are not mandatory for great newborn photos, but they certainly help add variety to the mix.




I’d love to capture your family as they are in the moment, and help you create art for your home. Go ahead and give me a call at 613-371-4594, or use the contact page to send a message to set up a phone consultation, so we can discuss details and customize your experience. While I may specialize in baby’s first year, family sessions are available with children of all ages. Let’s create ART together.


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