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What makes the Pure Natural Newborn experience special is what makes it unique, and how it relates to YOU.

It is about the experience you will encounter when booking with us; the way your baby is cared for, the way your needs are taken to the next level of service, the way you are treated, and the guarantee to make it all happen as promised.

Top Safety Standards

The #1 priority is you and your baby’s safety. Every precaution possible is taken to prevent injury or illness. All of the studio’s props are carefully inspected upon purchase, and again prior to every single use to check for damages, sharp edges, or anything that has the potential to harm any participants of the session. All blankets, wraps, etc. are washed after each use. There is always a spotter with your baby to prevent any accidental falls or injury, and to support baby when needed. No pose is attempted if it is felt to be unsafe; instead composite images are utilized. Your baby is not forced into any pose that puts them in discomfort or pain, or pushed further than their motor skills allow. The goal is to prevent, and never need to use the insurance that has been obtained for the studio. I have such a strong passion for safety, that I offer a complimentary crash course in First Aid for Parents with your newborn & baby sessions booking.

Specialized Newborn Photographer

Stephanie is specialized in newborn portraiture, and focuses on belly and baby photography. Being specialized, means taking the time to learn, study and practice one particular trade until it’s perfected, and to continue doing so every day thereafter.  Stephanie has an advanced knowledge to safely and intricately pose little new born babies into delicate curly positions to highlight their infinitely tiny features and showcase how small they really are in the beginning. She is currently adding older baby photos and maternity photography to her short-list of specialties. Read more about Stephanie, the Photographer.

Unique Portrait Style

The photography style is Pure, Natural & Timeless, and the portraits are in rustic, neutral and organic hues. I love combining luxurious textures with your newborn’s silky skin, and incorporating pops of colours to compliment your home décor. The images we create are meant to withstand time, last through fads, and forever be cherished. The goal is to make your little miracle the star of the image, and with the customization options, the possibilities are endless.

Free Consultation & Personalized Services

The no-obligation, personalized consultation service allows us to meet at the studio for a quick tour, and to recommend the best session type options and collections or packages for your family’s needs and desires. I customize the entire experience for you, and guide you through the entire process from first contact to picking up your print products after your session. You even have the advantage of having your print collection personally delivered to your home.

Luxury Print Products

PNNP is a full-service studio, which means we don’t just slap everything onto a disc, call it a day, and leave you to fend for yourself. We take the time and effort to professionally retouch your images in order to create beautiful art pieces from your images that will last a lifetime. You are invited back to the studio after your session for your image reveal & ordering  appointment, and we guide you through the entire process of creating your art. The selection of luxury print products has been carefully selected to highlight our Pure & Natural portraiture style, and provide timeless and beautiful art. There is variety of heirloom albums, artisan & keepsake image boxes & folios, and gallery wall art prints. Each of the offered art pieces are carefully chosen from the thousands of available products on the market for their uniqueness, timelessness, and high quality. The goal is to provide you with luxury print to create a tangible legacy for your family.

Guaranteed Availability

When you book your session in advance, we guarantee our availability for your birth story and/or newborn session. Babies have a mind of their own, and they arrive when they feel like it. Whether your newborn arrives before, spot on, or after your estimated due date, we will make room for you and your baby in our portrait schedule. In order to be able to offer this unique service, we only accept a limited number of bookings as to be flexible to baby’s schedule, and make room for all our clients. Last minute bookings are occasionally accepted, but it is highly encouraged to book early to take advantage of our guarantee.

The Re-Shoot Guarantee

The Re-Shoot Guarantee is a personalized service that we offer to our newborn and baby clients. From your Newborn or Baby Portrait Session, we guarantee that we can capture a minimum of 5 great and unique images to include in your session’s proofing gallery. This means that you could proudly hang all 5 of these images side-by-side in your home, with no duplicates. If we are unable to capture the minimum number of portraits, we will schedule a second session at no additional charge in order to fill your gallery.
*we have never needed to honour this guarantee to date*

Prop-to-Print Service

We have a plethora of props, accessories, and backdrops available for use in our studio. In order to truly personalize the images, our Prop-to-Print service allows you to pick our your own props and accessories for your little one’s sessions, if you had something specific in mind that we do not currently have in our stash. Since most families don’t want to keep these photo-props after the session, we created our special service. Our Prop-to-Print Service allows families to purchase a prop or accessory from the pre-approved vendors, and upon donation of the prop to the studio, you receive a print credit in exchange to spend on your art. Our high quality custom photography service has the goal of providing a personalized photography experience to create beautiful art for your family, and this allows us to do so.  This service applies to maternity, newborn, and baby sessions.
*Just because your desired prop or accessory does not qualify for our Prop-to-Print service, does not mean you are not allowed to use it. We welcome families to bring in items that have an emotional meaning or are a family heirloom, and we can include it in a few images during your session.*

Upcycle & Support Locals

We are a big supporter small businesses, and support the local community and economy by purchasing as many as our products and props locally. Whenever possible, we upcyle (upgrade + recyle = upcycle) like-new & used items to make fabulous props, accessories and create gorgeous images. We also like to reuse vintage, retro, and antique items as-is, or re-purpose and transform them into beautiful finds. We make sure all of these items fit into our pure, natural and timeless aesthetic, and that they abide by our newborn safety standards.

Baby Registry

We offer the option to register for print credit through your baby registry. We can create a custom registration cards for you to hand out with your shower invitations, and you can also use our unique online store listing to register for local registries.  This allows you to reserve your guaranteed spot in advance, and have your friends and family help you to purchase that perfect wall display, album, etc. Read more about our recommended baby registry […]

Ready to book?

To start your photographic journey with us, give us a call at (613) 371-4594 and we are happy to proceed with answering any questions, addressing any pre-session concerns or requests, and to schedule your consultation appointment.  You can also send us a quick message through our contact us page. We look forward to photographing your growing family.

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