My Top 9 Wardrobe Tips for Outdoor Family Portraits

One of the most common concerns for clients wanting to book a portrait session is wardrobe options. They have no idea what they are going to wear, “nothing” in their closet fits or looks flattering, and their kids outgrow everything so fast so they don’t have any formal apparel. Not to worry, I’ve got you […]

Mama to Be Chelsea | Almonte Maternity Photographer

Not everyone wants to get a full album of maternity portraits captured and that is totally okay to just want one or a few photos to commemorate their journey to parenthood (or prefer to spend their budget on the newborn session instead), and that is totally okay. The petite maternity session was made especially for […]

The Client Closet | Perks Of A Full-Service Studio

We’ve all been there: looking through our closets for something to wear feeling uninspired, self-conscious about things that don’t fit, and longing for something new. Then pregnancy happens and exacerbates it all! Our bodies change in size and in shape so the things that did fit really don’t anymore, we want to look amazing in […]