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Choosing to Specialize: Why?

Choosing to specialize in newborn portraiture was one of the best decisions I have made in my career. I absolutely LOVE taking the time to intricately pose little new born babies into delicate positions to highlight their infinitely tiny beauties and to showcase how small they really are in the beginning. Yes, despite the frequent golden showers and poop explosions, I absolutely love being a newborn photographer. So I quit my day job, and here we are. If you have a choice, I always recommend doing what you love. Sure for the first little while my gourmet frappa-magic-lattes turned into home-brewed tea, and my fancy restaurant dinners turned into macaroni and cheese with veggies (President’s Choice White Cheddar Mac&Cheese is THE BEST by the way!), but it meant I got to do only what I love. Of course I enjoyed photographing older Children, High School Seniors, or Weddings & Engagements, but it wasn’t something that made me feel entirely creative or an immense love for my craft.


Cutting out all the ‘fluff’ meant I could focus on what I truly enjoyed, and offer a much better service and art to my clients. After all, the art I create is for them, I just happen to love doing it. Trust me when I say a teary-eyed mom while she is viewing the images I’ve created of her little one, makes all the ‘messes’, sweatiness, and crying absolutely worth it. That’s also why I decided to get into birth photography; so I can provide mothers and families with precious memories that they would otherwise miss out on.




Do you only do newborns now?

What does this mean for maternity sessions? What about our 3-12 months portraits? What about family photos? I don’t really want to have to hire 2 photographers for maternity and newborn…

Maternity sessions are hand-in-hand with newborn sessions, as are the 3 months to 12 months & birthday sessions (cake smashes, personality sessions, etc.), and family portraits. The services currently offered by Pure Natural Newborn Photography are, in chronological order: Maternity Portraits, Fresh 48 & Birth Stories, Newborn Portraiture, Baby Milestones (3-12 months), Family Photography within those sessions and for older families (no longer babies), and seasonal themed sessions.



What does this mean for those of us who really loved your other work?

I do still photograph returning clients for their family portraits and seasonal children portraiture (just the older kids), but I have happily stepped away from the world of weddings. I am also still happily capturing business portraits and product photography for fellow small business owners in the Ottawa area, but they are upon invitation-only, and not something I actively advertise (I’d much rather fill my schedule with babies!).



Keeping in mind that I have also transitioned to the new business from my old site over at Stephanie’s Photographs, so don’t mind the odd conflicting logo: it is all MY work.


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