Protect Your Family’s Legacy, Print It!

Protect Your Legacy, Print It!

My personal horror story : my computer crashed a few years ago, and of course it happened at the exact same time that my back up hard drive did. I was devastated, confused, and angry. Despite the fact that they were stored in the perfect conditions as per manufacturer instructions: protected from moisture and extreme temperature and sunlight, but it turns out technology was no match for the unfortunate fate that is ‘to be obsolete’. My biggest regret was not putting the same care and attention as I put towards my clients’ images, toward my personal photos. Their only life form was in pixels and now they are gone forever; no recovery software or prayers could bring them back. Never again!

I was given the opportunity to write about solutions to PREVENT this same unfortunate fate happening to you. Read more about backing up your photos and precious memories on the KallaBaby Blog :

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Join me in continuing the “Prints Are Forever” movement and take that extra step to preserve your memories. Take photos of your printed stash of memories, and post them on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #printsareforever and #printsnotpixels to spread the word. Future generations will thank you!

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