Our Last Christmas

Our last Christmas with just the two of us. Bring on the new adventure!

This year is the last year we will celebrate Christmas as husband and wife. Before you think too much into it, this is NOT a sad post! We are about to welcome our first child, which means that next year there will be three of us, and the day will become a lot busier, and all about them–not us. And that’s perfectly okay. BUT, before the chaos ensues, I want to acknowledge the end of this beautiful journey we have enjoyed for the last four years. It has been filled with happy memories, joyous adventures, silly moments, and nothing can ever take that away from us. Nothing. So we celebrate the years we’ve had together, to enjoy each other’s company, and to fall in love again every single day.


Once this holiday season has ended, it will not be filled with sadness, but rather with even more joy that we get to share with this new family member for which we have made room in our hearts and our lives. Next year will be a year filled with firsts, for which I am very excited, but before we hop into our next journey as a family, we take a moment to reflect on this amazing life we have created for ourselves and enjoyed these past few years. So to commemorate our last Christmas, we captured a few portraits of us and our personality-filled tree (Rudolf as our spirit animal, of course!).


Before you know it, I will be posting about my ’empty nest’ and the new adventure that will bring. Time flies when you least expect it, so embrace your NOW like the present it is, and enjoy every second you’ve got.


On my personal blog, I post about our adventures every year, so if you’d like to follow along, I’d love the extra company! You can go ahead and read all about Christmas 2018 and our annual ornaments tradition.


Chat soon!


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