Celebrate Mother’s Day with Mommy & Me Photo Sessions

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got two important women in my life: my mother and my daughter. As a professional photographer, I have put in the effort to capture images of my daughter and I, but the last one with my mother and I was from my wedding! It was only a few years ago, but that is a few too many, so I have made plans to capture another when she comes to visit next month. Just in time for Mother’s Day. This got me thinking that I can’t possibly be the only one who doesn’t have a recent photo with my mom, but I do however have the power to help others do the same. So alas, I have created a special package for you to take advantage and update those mommy & me images, no matter how old ‘baby’ is.

Celebrate mom this year with a Mommy & Me portrait session and give her the gift of forever.

This special offer is for FULL customized session and NOT a one-day-event, which means you are able to select your desired session date for any time during Spring/summer 2020 (purchase offer ends May 8th). This makes this the perfect great gift option for Mother’s Day or to treat yourself to capture the precious bond you have built with your child(ren). And because these are FULL sessions (not minis), if you want to add a family image with both parents or to include grandma (or whatever she prefers to be called), we absolutely can!

Here is the basic package I have put together for you, to which you are more than welcome to add additional items of your choosing:

  • pre-session consultation (wardrobe consultation, etc.)
  • studio portrait session (mommy&me or generations)
  • 16×24 canvas art piece (or your choice of equivalent artwork)
  • 5 printable digital images files


The best part? These are FULL customized sessions to be as unique as your family is, so if you want to add a family image with both parents, we absolutely can! They can be booked anytime through Spring/Summer 2020, and are NOT a one-day-event and you are able to select your desired session date (purchase offer ends May 8th), which means they also make a great gift!


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