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How To Babyproof Your Home On A Budget

When you’re pregnant, babyproofing your home isn’t really something you think about. The most common time people think about it, is after they’ve heard of a tragedy that could have been easily prevented with something as simple as a piece of tape or a fresh battery. Yup, it can totally be done on the cheap too! Not to worry, this post is all about prevention, and I have sourced out a safety expert to tell us all about the sneaky ways babies and toddlers get into trouble, and how to help keep them safe. Sharalyn is a wonderful woman who works out of Ottawa and Toronto to help keep children safe–she offers childproofing services, custom safety gates, car seat safety tips & installation & cleanup (<– hell yes!) through Gate Maven. So without further ado, I leave to floor to Sharalyn to elaborate on how to babyproof your home on a budget.  – Stephanie

Childproofing – The Basics On A Budget

Home safety doesn’t have to be expensive, the basics can be completed with a trip to Walmart, or even from the comfort of your couch with, which let’s be honest is every parent’s preferred way of shopping!

When talking with parents about childproofing, we always suggest getting down on your knees, and seeing things from the level of your little explorer, what looks fun to play with or put in your mouth. Things that look ordinary from adult height, can be exciting and dangerous at kid level.

Keep these in mind when childproofing your home:

  • Use outlet plugs and sliding outlet covers for outlets lower than counter height
  • Use corner protectors, foam and silicone styles, for sharp edges at child height
  • Use furniture tethers for dressers, TVs and book shelves
  • Use cabinet door locks, for cabinets that contain poisons and other dangers
  • Use drawer latches to keep knives and sharp objects out of curious hands
  • Use mounted gates at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Use safety latches for washing machine and dryer, and lock the door to the laundry room whenever possible

Remember these safety tips:

  • Avoid dish towels on the oven door handle
  • Keep all items at least 6 inches away from the edge of counter tops and tables
  • Anything that can fit inside a toilet paper roll should be kept out of reach
  • Move the crib mattress to the lowest level as soon as baby is starting to sit up
  • Turn all pot handles in when using the stove, and only use the back burners whenever possible
  • Keep all ‘poisons’, including vitamins, medications, alcohol, and cleaning products in locked cupboards
  • Keep your hot beverage in a travel mug, preventing accidental burns on the go AND while at home
  • Keep blind cords out of reach
  • Have a fire extinguisher on every floor, including in the master bedroom
  • Change the batteries in smoke and CO2 detectors every 6 months
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Children will get into things we don’t want them to, that’s a given! They need to explore to learn and grow, but giving them a safe space to do so is paramount. While the above tips are a great base for keeping kids safe, parents need to supervise, and recognize other dangers that might be lurking in the home.

Childproofing your home will help prevent accidental injuries to new movers, active toddlers and curious preschoolers, so exploring can be fun and adventure filled.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Sharalyn Crossfield is a wonderful woman who works out of Ottawa and Toronto to help keep children safe. She is a certified car seat tech, and she offers childproofing services, custom baby gates, car seat safety tips. She also offers car seat installation & deep-clean <– hell yes! 

Sharalyn Crossfield
Owner of Gate Maven Childproofing Services  |  613-831-4536

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