9 Useful Baby Shower Gifts For The New Mom

Baby showers are such a special time to show a new mom she’s supported by giving her all the essentials she’ll need for when her bundle of joy arrives. But sometimes it can be nice to give a gift that’s meant just for mama. Something to remind her that she’s still an important person and more than just Mom. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas for gifts that any mom-to-be will definitely appreciate.


1. Meals

Stocking her freezer is one of the best things you can do for a new mom. Give her a few freezer-friendly meals ahead of time (mac and cheese, lasagna and chicken noodle soup are all great options) and then make a few deliveries of fresh, hot meals once baby has arrived. Not only will she love the food, she’ll appreciate the chance to chat with a friend and have someone else hold baby for a bit while you’re dropping off your delivery. Local meal-making machine MMM Chef creates the most delicious meals, and is very careful to accommodate any dietary concerns or allergies. She’s even got an exclusive discount for friends of PNNP inside the Pregnancy & Baby Guidebook to Ottawa.



2. Help Around The House

Whether it is physically YOU who go and help the new mom once baby has arrived, with the intention of actually helping rather than stealing baby cuddles, or if you send hired help–this one is a crowd favourite! There is always the option of a postpartum doula, who will guide the new parents through the first little while to ensure they have the support needed as they adjust to their growing family. There is also a pre-baby organizational service who will travel to their home and help them get organized and ready before baby arrives, to ensure the smoothest transition possible.



3. Maternity and/or Nursing Support Leggings

She’s probably living in leggings already so why not invest in a pair for her specifically designed for her growing belly and for postpartum & nursing. These leggings from Blanqi are designed to be super high-waisted so mom doesn’t have to flash her whole postpartum belly every time she pulls up her shirt to nurse. Even if she’s not nursing they also have a gentle compression to keep her post-baby belly feeling secure but not constricted, so they’re super comfy for postpartum. The maternity ones are designed to keep the pressure off the belly and focused where mom-to-be needs the support, great for the entire pregnancy and beyond as mom’s body transitions back to regular clothing. Local chop MamanChic has a great selection of maternity leggings, postnatal support leggings, and beautiful street clothes to choose from. They also happen to have a discount code waiting for you in the the Guidebook.


4. A Pretty Robe or Shawl

This is a great gift that will fit perfectly during the last few weeks of pregnancy (when it seems like nothing does!), that she’ll still want to live in her first few months postpartum. Robes are great for easy access when nursing but still look glamorous and put-together enough to be photographed in at the hospital. Heck, some of them are downright classy enough for a maternity photoshoot! If you’re looking for the more traditional robe-that-ties-in-the-front-so-you-can-hang-out-at-home-in-your-underwear style, the online shop of Pink Blush has plenty of gorgeous lace and floral robes to choose from so you’re sure to find one that fits mom’s style.


5. A Photography Session

Speaking of photoshoot… Giving a new mom the gift of beautiful photos of her baby is a pretty priceless gift. Whether it’s a newborn photography session or family portraits, any new mom would appreciate knowing all of the details of her new baby will be well-documented. That time in a new parent’s life can be chaotic, and knowing that all she has to do is make it out of the house and to the studio can be a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. Split the gift with a few friends and family member so you can splurge on a pretty photo album or some nice canvases for the new mom to display her photos proudly (parents’ choice, of course). To learn more about gifting a session to someone special in the Ottawa area, send an email to or call 613-371-4594.



6. A Cute Nursing Bra

Nursing bras can get a bad rap for being frumpy, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright ugly, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A few weeks after delivery she’ll probably want to go back to wearing a bra that actually looks like a bra, so give her a nursing bra that she’ll feel cute in. Sometimes a girl just needs to wear a pretty bra to feel like a real person again, even if there’s no chance she’s leaving the house that day. A great option is from ThirdLove or Knix, and locally you can find a great selection at Milkface Nursingwear.


7. Hair Accessories

She most likely won’t have the time or energy to style her hair while she’s taking care of her newborn so give her some stylish headbands, or a bulk pack of hair elastics (where do they all disappear to!?) with a few nice-but-easy-to-work-with hair clips, to help her feel a little bit pulled together during this time. Bonus points if you include a few cans of dry shampoo with this gift!





8. Luxurious Slippers or Comfy Non-Slip Socks

Again, anything to keep the new mama comfy and cozy during her first few weeks at home will definitely be appreciated. Slippers will also be great to tuck into her hospital bag for when she’s trying to walk out the baby on those cold hospital floors. Even better if you splurge on moccasins so she has some support.



9. Stylish Diaper Bag That Looks Like A Purse

A good diaper bag needs to be functional, but a great diaper bag will have all the functionality but blend in as an accessory. My personal favourite is the selection of stylish diaper bags from House of Flynn, which can easily double as a hospital bag for mom-to-be in the meantime, and an overnight bag or purse long after toddlerhood (these things are built to last!). And any Ottawa mom would be thrilled to receive a gift certificate to Fab Baby Gear or Baby enRoute to go pick out their own preferred style. My favourite diaper bag is actually a super stylish diaper backback from Itzy Ritzy. Bonus points if you make it even better by including a post-partum kit inside as an extra surprise!


BONUS! Pampering Goodies

Whether it be a gift certificate to use at a spa or prenatal massage, a movie ticket for a few hours to herself, some natural-but-beautifully-smelling candles she can enjoy at home alone, or treat her and her partner to a baby moon so they can enjoy some alone time before the baby comes (click here for a free $45 towards an AirBNB trip). And something like a post-partum kit, filled with practical and essential items that mom needs after birth, is a great way to make sure she is prepared without the stress of having to go out and buy all of these things.



So the next time you’re invited to a baby shower, instead of giving her a basket of adorable outfits for the baby (while great, doesn’t give HER any attention), try gifting the mom-to-be with something special that’s just for her. Guaranteed your gift will stand out and she’ll be super grateful. Let me know if you have any other useful baby shower gifts for the new mom, or favorite gifts that YOU received as an expecting parent in the comments below!




Your friendly neighbourhood photographer,


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