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I get it; your days of sleeping in and lazy Sundays without pants are behind you. Sometimes it may feel that your “you” time came out of your body during labour. Yes, in some ways it did. You now have another human requiring a large amount of attention thrown into your everyday mix of life. The problem is that you were not given the allotted number of extra hours in the day to accommodate the change. The time you used to spend doing things for yourself was probably the first thing you dropped out of your routine when things began to get hectic. Congratulations, putting others in front of yourself is the unspoken hazing of mommy hood… you did it!

The problem with constantly spending our energy on others is that we put ourselves at risk to burn out. Some days you may feel invincible and that you’re an exception to this rule, but your energy will begin to drain when you least expect it. The best way to protect yourself is to practice “self care”. This doesn’t need to be an elaborate day of yoga and brunch like it once was… heck it could be only 5 minutes. Here are some 4 easy ways to self care so you can recharge. You can sneak them in during a nap time, after bed time, or when you are offered some help:


Mama Bath Time

Time: 20 minutes

Take the rubber ducky off the side of the tub and replace it with a few candles. Fill up the tub with 2 cups of Epsom salts, these can be purchased at your local drugstore. Epsom salts help relax your muscles and detox your body a serious must have in any bath routine!

Try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to up the luxe factor. Enjoy this soak for 20 minutes.


Mama Meditation

Time: 5 minutes

Meditation can often seem like a daunting task with a rotating to-do list replaying in your mind. If you can hone this skill it can help with memory, overall mood and surviving even the most stressful of situations.

I love the app “Headspace” this is completely free and times your sessions into 5-minute blocks. The more often you do this the greater it will benefit you.


Mama Moves

Time: 15 minutes

I get it; you don’t want to spend the precious amount of energy you DO have working out. Heck, how are you even going to make it to the gym? Although you are physically expending energy during a workout, studies have proven that it can help manage both physical and emotional stress, giving you more energy in the long run.

We are lucky to have endless access to free workout routines online, taking out the need to leave your house. Set your stopwatch for 15 minutes and move it! By shortening the time of your workouts, the task will seem less overwhelming and before you know it part of your daily routine. You might even have fun!


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Mama Mobile Massage

Time: 60-90 minutes

Massage can loosen up tight muscles, lower stress levels, increase circulation and ease the aches/pains of mommy hood. Finding time to consistently make it to a clinic or spa for a Massage can be a challenge, especially in those moments where you really needed. Mama Mobile Massage was created for busy mamas just like yourself; we come to you! Expect everything you would experience in a registered massage therapy treatment, right in your living room. Some of our clients book during their baby’s nap time or after bed time, and others enjoy their treatment laying on their side with baby cuddling right in. Every treatment includes extra “fussy baby time” so that you always receive your full hour of care.



I hope you take advantage of these tips and incorporate one (or more!) into your everyday routine. Remember, self care is not selfish! It is necessary so that you can continue to be the kickass mama that we all love.

– Sarah


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – MAMA MOBILESarah Rennick is a Registered Massage Therapist and has dedicated over four years to working with women during and after pregnancy. She preaches the importance of self care and has a passion for educating women on how to develop solid routines to prevent injuries, relieve muscle tension and to feel their best. Sarah began her business venture with Mama Mobile after working in clinics/spas and noticing how difficult it was for busy moms and moms to be to come in for regular Massage Therapy treatments. This Ottawa based business allows women to enjoy their Massage after bedtime, during nap time or with a toddler in an exersaucer right next to the Massage table. Finding childcare, worrying about a crying baby in a clinic or planning to leave the house around feedings is no longer a worry.

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