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Tips & Tricks and DIY for a Newborn Baby Photographer

Step by Step Tutorials: 

DIY Tutorial: Rag Quilt Photo Prop Tutorial
DIY Tutorial: Upcycled Mason Jar – Studio Accessory
DIY Tutorial: Flowy Maternity Gown Tutorial (part 1)
DIY Tutorial: Chalk Paint Tutorial – Studio Accessory (part 1)
DIY Tutorial: Tea & Coffee Dying Photo Props Tutorial
DIY Tutorial: Easy Knit Baby Blanket / Layering Prop

How To, Articles & Blog Posts: 

Article: 30 Things you should know about being married to a Newborn Photographer
Article: How to price your photography for Profit
Article: Artificial Lighting (to be updated to include Einstein info)
Article: No space? No Problem! The tales of a travelling photographer
Article: The importance of using reflectors in Newborn Photography
Collection of : Hairstyling Tutorials perfect for photoshoots

Other Business Resources:

Article: SEO Tips & Tricks
Article: Strategically Use Images To Improve Your SEO
Article: How to show up in Google immediately
Article: Product Photography for Small Businesses
Tool: Social Media Content Planner (Printed Book)
Tool: Social Media Scheduler
Tool: Noisili


Newborn Session Posing Planners

If you would like the posing planners to use for your newborn photography business, they can be purchased for $40CAD. The files will be downloadable and include a layered .psd file so you can add your logo and customize the colours to fit your branding. Please email for details.

Newborn Session Posing Planners – Single & Twins

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