Happy Birthday Baby Boy de Montigny

You know how much we love minimalist and neutral aesthetics around here, so it comes as no surprise that little man got precisely that for his birthday session. Mama loved the ‘simply white’ setup for the cake smash portraits, and baby boy had a ton of fun! He was very tentative with his tasting, enjoyed […]

Walking with Baby Boy de Montigny – 11 months old

Barely 11 months old and this little guy is already running across the room! He is very vocal when he wants to be, has started waving hello, and took his first walk outside. What a champ! Walking with Baby Boy de Montigny. Here are a few favourites from the session. How do I book a […]

Crawling with Baby Boy de Montigny – 8 months old

My very own sweet little boy is almost 8 months old and on the move! He is crawling in the weirdest way I have ever seen, almost like what you’d do on a scooter, and it is hilariously adorable. He is super fast now that he’s been crawling for almost a month so I am […]

Sitting Up with Baby Boy de Montigny – 6 months old

My very own sweet little boy is officially 6 months old and doing amazing with his sitting skills! He is pushing up his whole body like a plank, belly laughing with his gorgeous smile, and has just recently started to sit himself up unassisted. And we can tell he is going to start crawling soon […]