Ottawa Babywearing in Canada Conference 2016

Babywearing in Canada Conference 2016

The Babywearing in Canada Conference through photos

Babywearing-in-Canada-Conference-2016-Debora-Rodrigues-Ottawa-Baby-Wearing-Photography_SDM_1218-WMThe Babywearing in Canada Conference was filled with excitement, knowledge, bloopers, and some heart-wrenching truths. Held at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre; the perfect location for talking about breastfeeding, babywearing, and father involvement. Debora Rodrigues, the owner & CEO of Babywearing in Canada, did a wonderful job on planning, executing, and actionning the conference.

If you missed it, you can still catch the webcast available on the BWIC website. Here is the event through photos to give you an idea. Next year’s waiting list will be opening shortly!

Don’t forget to scroll down to see the gorgeous custom handwoven wrap for this year’s conference, provided by West of the Fourth Weaving.

[UPDATE: November 28 2016–images being reloaded shortly]


This year’s Handwoven Babywearing Custom is from West of 4th Wraps

The Babywearing in Canada Conference 2016 custom handwoven wrap was woven and sponsored by West of 4th Wraps this year, and it is BEAUTIFUL! The Canadian colours in the BWIC logo perfectly woven together to create a masterpiece. A very soft and cuddly masterpiece!

The first is the wrap that went up for draw for the attendees (in-person and over webcast), which is 50% cotton, 25% Flax and 25% Lyocell. The second is 100%, and still up for grabs. West of 4th Wraps and Babywearing in Canada are hosting a naming contest soon, and the person who came up with the chosen name wins first-dibs on purchasing the weft! Stay tuned on Facebook for updates!


And a special thank you to the volunteers and sponsors of the event!


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