Some of you may have already seen it, but yours truly was published in a local magazine to share my knowledge on ‘How to Set up a Gallery Wall in Your Stairwell’ for the residents of Stonebridge. Since there are so many others of you living in other areas of Ottawa, I figured I would share the article on the blog to help you get started.

Putting up one frame or canvas is easy: center it on the wall horizontally, and hang it so that the half-mark is at your eye level. When it comes to putting more than one piece of the same size, the same concept can be applied. It is when you start adding more than two pieces, of varying sizes and mediums, that it becomes much more complicated to hang your display. Especially when you attempt this creative endeavour in a stairwell! So, if I show you how to achieve the most difficult, the rest will be smooth sailing from here. Here’s how to hang your canvases & framed art in your home:

Before & After Stairwell Gallery Wall



diy tutorial hanging artwork stairwell mark the wall



Here is another example of a personal wall gallery that my husband and I installed. Do notice that some of the frames are still empty–that is totally okay! Don’t feel like you need to finish your gallery wall right away. Get those frames out of your closet and storage boxes and onto the wall; you will find the perfect image to go in it eventually. OR maybe you need the motivation of seeing that ugly price tag staring back at you in order to actually put aside the time to print the image that was intended for that specific frame. We’re all guilty of that, even the pros! I will personally be adding my maternity and first family portraits to this ever-expanding gallery of ours. What will YOU accomplish..? To see more of my personal adventure, follow my lifestyle blog.

Command strips are our favourite go-to for small frames!

Stay tuned for the next article in this series, all about how to select the different types of art (canvas, frame, etc.) to design your personalized gallery wall.

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