Baby’s First Back to School Portraits | September 2022

DID YOU KNOW that baby’s first Back to School minis are a complimentary event for newborn clients?

I want to help you celebrate that huge milestone in your child’s life because I truly believe it deserves more than just a cellphone snap on their first day of school EVER. These short & sweet sessions are a quick and fun way to document that big step towards becoming a big kid (before those baby teeth fall out!), and I’ve curated a beautiful art piece for them to display in their room and see their accomplishment.

This year it means that all of my 2018 babies get to attend the themed event with no creative fee, and older siblings can join them as well. There are special edition artwork and bundles available for these sessions, and gift prints are great for sending to family members (but do still grab one of those classic stiff school photos for historical significance—they are a right-of-passage!). Send me a message to to reserve your spot for this year [or next year for your 2019 kiddos!], and I am happy to go over the booking options with you.

Here is a roundup from the last few years of beautiful children, big and small, excited for the new school year, and the gorgeous artwork pieces you can create!

That’s all for now. Do reach out to schedule your free consultation to go over all of the awesome artwork we can create together, and coordinate the perfect outfits for your wall portraits. Chat soon!

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