Tummy Time with Baby Boy de Montigny – 3 months new

My very own sweet little boy is 3 months old and doing amazing with his tummy time skills! He is pushing up his shoulders, smiling beautifully, and has just recently started to giggle. And oh boy did he make me work for these! He insisted on a breastfeeding break, which was well worth it to […]

Smiling Baby Ryla – 2 months milestone


Not-so-Newborn Baby Ryla   2 Months Baby Photos Milestone: Smiling   Little baby Ryla came to visit us at the studio for her smiling milestone photos at just over 2 months old. I definitely had to work for it, but once she flashed that gorgeous smile of hers with those stunning baby blues.. Adorable! She is sporting custom, handmade rompers, and […]