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How to Prepare for your Maternity Session

Of course these are only guidelines and not rules, but in previous experience the sessions are a lot smoother when the guidelines are followed. Feel free to make recommendations of things to add to this list. We are always looking to make things easier on moms-to-be!

For wardrobe options, here are the recommendations

The goal is to have options to choose from in case you change your mind day-of. We may not use every single outfit option, but these are the typical choices that have proven to be classic, timeless, and beautiful. Mom-to-be, it strongly recommended to arrive wearing a loose t-shirt with sweatpants or a loose dress (the least elastic and tightness possible) to avoid any elastic marks when you arrive. If you are comfortable doing so, avoid wearing a bra (you can wear a tighter t-shirt to hold things in) and loose underwear to prevent elastic marks even better.

The idea is to make sure you both look like you’re going to the same place (whether it’s a coffee date, pic-nic, rodeo, diner party, victoria secret fashion show participant, etc.). If she is wearing jeans and a tank top, he should also be wearing jeans and a neutral top. However if she is in her fancy bra and yoga pants, odds are that dad without a shirt wearing jeans is the best pairing. Not to worry, you will be guided in-studio, but make sure you bring your preferred wardrobe options! Check out our inspiration board for ideas!

Don’t have anything “maternity” to wear? No problem! The studio has a selection of garments ranging from fancy bandeau bras, simple dresses, extra tank tops, and a large selection of wraps that can be make-shifted into bandeau-style tops. We also have a wardrobe stylist who would love to work with you in finding the perfect coordinating outfits for your session!
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If you’ve purchased the add-on for professional hair & makeup stylists (available for newborn sessions too!)

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