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Newborn photography is very special. You’ve just spent the last 9 months creating this little miracle, and who knows how long you’ve waited for the good news before that. Capturing those first moments are a dream come true for most parents, and a unique experience that can never be replicated. The tiny toes, little fingers, soft skin, and scrumptious lips are only there for so long. Children change and grow up so fast! Our job as photographers is to preserve those moments forever so parents can look back upon those sweet moments, and so that child can look back at what they once were.

The best time to photograph these tiny features is within the first ten days of your baby’s life¹. This is when they are still very flexible as their bones have not fully fused* and are still able to comfortably curl up into those precious poses. At this age they tend to sleep a lot which allows us to guide them into positions without waking them.  Older babies tend to develop poor sleep patterns which make it more difficult to keep baby sleeping and to get those sweet curly poses. It also makes the editing process longer due to the accumulating skin imperfections (skin flakes, acne, etc.).  We are more than happy to photograph your baby past this timeline without the adorable “curly” poses (it all depends on the baby).

To view some of our images, visit out our newborn gallery.

The Booking Process

It’s never too early to book your newborn session. Of course, newborns control the schedule and we have to work around them.  We schedule a no-obligation, in-studio consultation to discuss all the details about the journey through the experience of your newborn photography investment. We touch on everything from products available, go over your expectations, touch and view samples of art pieces and different print products available, etc. We go through in detail the process, and the luxury experience we offer from start to finish. This is also where we will guide you through choosing the right print package for your portrait needs, and go through the print pricing menu. You will also have the opportunity of getting to know your Gatineau Ottawa newborn photographer.

In order to schedule your session, we collect the creation fee and take note of your due date and pencil you into our calendar to ensure whenever baby arrives we can still schedule your session in the prime time of the first 2 weeks (5-10 days is ideal). We will then go through the contract with you to answer any questions. Of course while we take all your requests into consideration, baby’s safety is our number one priority and we will not put baby in any unsafe prop, pose or location (no matter how awesome the image could be, safety comes first!). Any questions you have about how to prepare for your session, and what you should expect will be addressed at this consultation.

This process guarantees our availability for your session; we only select an exact date after baby is born. It is up to you to contact us as soon as possible once your little miracle has arrived and we will select the best date for everyone within 2 weeks.

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The Session Process

We currently offer in-studio newborn photography sessions, and a limited upgrade option for seasonal outdoor location for your newborn session. Please keep in mind that outdoor posed newborn sessions are only possible during the summer (temperature must be between 23-32 degrees Celsius for health and safety reasons), with limited availability.

Newborn sessions are typically up to 2-4 hours long, and take place between the hours of 9am and 3pm. This may seem lengthy at first, but it allows for breaks in case your little one is fussy, not sleepy or really hungry that day. Not all babies are the same, and we proceed at their pace. We allow plenty of time for soothing and nursing your baby in between poses, as required. “What to Expect” will be covered at your consultation.

Our studio sessions consist of 3 different possible setups: poser, prop, family.  Our Newborn (baby-only) sessions consists of a variety of images of your little miracle on our unique backdrops, or snuggled into one of our props. We always capture the itty bitty macro details of your baby (lips, toes, fingers, whispy hairs, etc.) in each session. Our Newborn&Family sessions, in addition to the baby-only setups, we capture a few portraits with parents (and individually), siblings (if any), and a family photo.

To view some of our images, visit out our newborn gallery.

The Ordering Process

Following your session date, you will return to the studio for your portrait reveal & ordering session. Your personalized proofing gallery will consist of beautifully custom edited photographs, typically yielding 15-30 images from which to place your order, all depending on your session type (newborn-only or newborn&family). During this appointment, we will go through the sample products again and decide which items you prefer. There are a few print collections to choose from, a build-your-own collection option, and a-la-carte printing is also available for our staple products. The detailed process and pricing will be discussed at your consultation.

Print certificates can be purchased in advance (upon booking) to receive a 10% bonus credit. Inquire for details with your Gatineau Ottawa newborn photographer.
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