Where you've Seen Stephanie & PNP

The Walls of the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

If you've taken a tour of the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, you have likely seen a few of our beautitul clients' portraits decorating the walls.

The "Baby Is Coming, Now What!?" Event (2018)

I put together an amazing event for the September of 2018 (check back post-pandemic for details on the next event!). Think of it as if a traditional baby show and a prenatal class had a baby of their own–the result is a one-day education event where you get to learn all of the basics of pregnancy, birth, and caring for a newborn, and shop a curated selection of relevant and useful items from local vendors.

Custom Apparel Line

Designing custom apparel for photographers, entrepreneurs, and boss mamas living the work-from-home life raising babies AND businesses at the same time. Work comfortably while looking good, and each garment serves as a marketing tool for on-the-go outings and meetings.

Custom Apparel for Photographers, Entrepreneurs, and Boss Mamas

Nationally Accredited Photographer

To celebrate my TEN year anniversary of being a professional photographer, I decided to push myself, expand my skill set, and earn my merits as an Accredited Photographer by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). I earned my national accreditation in newborn photography, and I have my sights on maternity, baby/child, and family photography next.

Accredited in Newborn Photography

Expert Speaker

Expert Speaker at the Pregnant Millennial Summit: Managing Work-Life Balance as a Work-From-Home Boss & Parent Raising Businesses AND Babies at the Same Time

Expert Speaker for the 2020 Pregnant Millenial Summit

Expert Contributor

As an Expert Contributor, I was honoured to write several featured articles:

Published in the Neighbours of Stonebridge Magazine, a local publication in Ottawa (3 issues).
Published in the [oh my that's haute] Magazine - June 2016
Nominee for Ottawa's Best Blog
One of The 15 Best Ottawa Mom Blogs and Websites
Featured as one of the Top Newborn Photographers in Ottawa